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[Complaint] timothysage


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In-Game Nickname: timothysage


Your Nickname (optional): Lews_


Time and date: 21.51 - 17/03/2021


Description of what happened: 

Days in the past timothysage started bothering me and F_Lost(my teammate), He said he would've placed a tracker on us (screenshot attached). After this, we thought he would've stopped but soon after he went to our mining world to make random holes where our quarry was placed in order to force the stop. Today probably when we were away from the server, he got to our town to place a huge structure in order to cover our cotton farm from the sun, the structure was very huge (screenshots attached) and it was very difficult to remove it indeed we ask for a chunk regeneration around our town, in addition to the wall he made there are a lot of random holes like the ones he did in the mining world (I was not sure It was him to bother us again after I realized that those wholes were identical). 


Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/6hCZnrF


List of eyewitnesses: This post was made by both me and F_Lost


Edit: 19/03/2021


Someone kept  annoying us at our home and abusing some bug to delete patterns from our ME interfaces, and placing stuff in the ThaumCraft Cauldron to create that purple fluid in the whole house which has taken time to be removed. We decided to code a computercraft program to put in a file every name detected in a little space of our house (it was not tracking staff, and it's not against the rules. You can even go and check it). As soon as I got in the server, I checked that list and I found a new name: Sleetyy (screenshot attached) 


Ironically, he is completely linked to timothysage (proof attached) 


I wish you will consider all these elements in order to punish him for what he's constantly doing.

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  • Manager

While griefing of any base surroundings is not allowed, there is no evidence that timothysage or sleety did any of what you are describing, therefore it is not possible to punish them for this.
Just because he visited your base, doesn't mean he did anything to it, people go around the map exploring and visiting other's bases all the time.
Additionally tracking players is against the rules for which you have to be punished.

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15 minutes ago, Kaszanka_1234 said:

Additionally tracking players in against the rules for which you have to be punished.

What google says:
Tracking: means to follow their movements by means of a special device, such as a satellite or radar.
Logged: dated To make a record 

And in spite of everything, as screens show the only one who tracked here is timothysage, and you said that tracking is against the rules right?


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