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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server update to version 1.46a is complete!


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Server address:  rad.craftersland.net


Server update to modpack version 1.46a is complete. It's a medium update with some mods added, removed and updated! This update is available for download on CurseForge and our CraftersLand Launcher.



  • Added 2 mods 
  • Removed 6 mods
  • Updated 23 mods
  • Updated configs and scripts
  • Maintenance complete


Official changelog:

RAD 1.45 --> RAD 1.46

- Colytra (Forge)
- Wall-Jump! [FORGE]

	Corail Tombstone (Corail Tombstone 4.1.2 for 1.12.2 --> Corail Tombstone 4.4.3 for 1.12.2):
		Corail Tombstone 4.4.3 for 1.12.2:
			This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.16.5
			Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []
			Latest : 4.4.3 - Recommended : 4.4.3
			Changes 4.4.3 :
			* a bunch of advancements
			* new enchant Curse of Bones for chest armor
			* new enchant Blessing for any armor piece
			* param start/stop for command "tbsiege "
			* custom enchantments disabled at enchanting table in config don't prevent to combine them with the anvil
			* compat Hwyla (provides an empty itemstack if Hwyla provides the wrong block)
			Changes 4.4.2 :
			* compat FirstAid (poppet protection couldn't be work due to the absence of LivingDamage event with this mod)
			* compat WarpDrive (check tameable types from class)
			* compat Enderio (death)
			* config option for boss life for drop
			* oredict entries for voodoo poppet protection ingredient
			* fix familiar receptacle (since 4.4.0)
			Changes 4.4.1 :
			* familiar receptacle can capture even if the player is offline on dedicated server
			* improve the command /tbrecovery load_player (use only player names & handles offline)
			* improve voodoo poppet protection with modded damages
			* compat Electroblob Wizardry (damageType & voodoo poppet protection)
			* fix items not displayed in JEI (since 4.4.0)
			* fix dye ore names (since 4.4.0)
			Changes 4.4.0 :
			* config category 'player death' (some configs are moved in so could be reset)
			* configs about lossOnDeath & allowing to fill an existing grave
			* most of items can be disabled changing their presence in creative tab, recipe and drops
			* config based disableable forgeOre recipes
			* allow fakePlayer to use bone needle
			* perk 'Tomb Raider' allowing to plunder graves (+ configs, disabled by default)
			-> the perk has a configurable cooldown
			* use more oredict ingredients
			* more info about 'alignment' in the compendium
			Changes 4.3.0 :
			* 2 grave models (subaraki & original)
			* client config for auto-equip rule
			* 2 configs for tablet cooldown
			* it's possible to find some familiar receptacles with a tameable creature in (chests & fishing)
			* bone needle item (allowing to capture a specific type of entity with the familiar receptacle)
			* rename the perks to be similar to 1.16.5 (some of your perks could be unselected on reload)
			* rename lollipop (there's a data fixer)
			Changes 4.2.0 :
			* improve the command /tbrestoreinventory (all your graves are restored at once and you can reload the server)
			* the command /tbshowlastgrave can retrieve all the last graves
			* config to allow to find magical items from tombstone as creature loot even if the player is not the killer (to allow 'farm')
			-> the default is false (as unbalanced for gameplay)
			* config for xp stolen from killed player when the pvp mode config is enabled
			-> it's based on the xp that the player will recover and the effect 'preservation' protects against it
			* adjust the bone collector perk bonus by level to 30% and the bonus is added on the base chance to drop
			* compat related to the Soulbound enchantment & some mods that interact on player death preventing items from being kept on respawn
			* fix for pvp mode config to avoid to consider a player killing himself
			* fix grave's date in mc time
			* fix the scroll of unstable intangibleness making invulnerable longer than expected
			* fix compendium entry translation for 'grave plate'
			* different message with the book of disenchantment when you are not able to strip all the enchantments
			Changes 4.1.2 :
			* adapt the spawn placement logic
			* client config to define grave spawn logic (nearest/safer/normal, default: normal)
			* config to keep effects on return end conquered (default: true)
			* dying in the End at a not ideal place will set the grave at the dragon spawn
			* grave plate infos in compendium
			Changes 4.1.1 :
			* better chinese translations (courtesy of Aikini)
			* compat with Better Portals (teleportation)
			* help in compatibility with others mods to not break graves
			* client config to let players choose if they want a grave on death
			* client config to allow to activate graves by sneaking
			Changes 4.1.0 :
			* new item Grave Plate being the new way to engrave the tombs with anvil (decorative graves are no more engravable in anvil)
			* config to allow to switch grave plate already set on decorative graves
			* only skulls can be used to create decorative graves
			* flatten the curve of knowledge level (the new points wil be directly available)
			* always prevent to disenchant Tetra modular items
			* good alignment players can pray on villager (and minecolonies citizens) to protect them from a future death
			* client config to hide the shield particles on protected villagers
			* config to set the points earned by protecting a villager
			* sub command for tbknowledge to reset the ankh cooldown
			* config to limit to use magic siphon on players
			Changes 4.0.1 :
			* texture compression (by Darkhax)
			* fix the perk mastery of tablets (should work better to keep the "use left")
			* fix the order of player saves (.latest) for the command recovery
			* anvil recipes for white decorative graves in JEI
			Changes 4.0.0 :
			* perk alchimist (potion duration)
			* adds the white variants (some existing graves could be rotated or be white after the change)
			* ukrainian translation (courtesy of Almazikhipe)
			* additional configs for enchantments
			* bump to forge version to 2838

	CraftTweaker (CraftTweaker2-1.12- --> CraftTweaker2-1.12-

	DefaultSettings (DefaultSettings-1.8.x-1.12.x-2.2.0 --> DefaultSettings-1.8.x-1.12.x-2.2.4):
			* Fix incompatibility with Optifine 1.8 - 1.12 (Thanks @sp614x)
			* Fix options and configs overriding for modpack creators

			* Fix GUI rendering issues on various machines

			* Improve command logic (ported from fabric)

	Doomlike Dungeons (DoomlikeDungeons-1.13.2-MC1.12.2.jar --> DoomlikeDungeons-1.14.7-MC1.12.2.jar):
			Fixes a bug reading uinicode in config files (such as themes, chests, or the nbt.cfg).

			Fixed a bug where certain dungeon-blocking code (spawn protection, biome and dimension black/white listing) was being applied to chunks rather than the whole dungeon.

			Fixed bug where chests would sometimes be replaced with spawners.

			Added an option to make all hubrooms (entrances and "boss" rooms) tall.

			Made unpopular nerfing of epic loot optional (and off by default). You should be back to finding the epic boss loot you're used to!

			The Chunky Update:
			* Dungeons are now generated one chunk at a time (the Minecraft way as Notch intended), instead of all at once.
			* Dungeons will now begin to generate as soon as any of their chunks generate.
			* If dungeons overlap the result will now be consistent based on the world seed, rather than being determined by when they are discovered (also applies to other structures).
			* This should eliminate lag-spikes caused by generating large dungeons (and the chunks to contain them).
			* The seed for the dungeon is now calculated based on the world seed and coordinates of the central chunk (instead of being the normal chunk seed).
			* One downside: If the mod is removed or config setting are changed, partially generated dungeons can exist.
			* For some reason a few "cascading worldgen" warning may still come up in the console (maybe do to entrances not being confined to the chunk).

	FoamFix (FoamFix 0.10.10 (1.12.2) --> FoamFix 0.10.14 (1.12.2)):
		FoamFix 0.10.14 (1.12.2):
			* Added minor network optimization.
			* Added config option to change deflater compression strength.
			* Fixed model bug with client.smallModelConditions.

		FoamFix 0.10.12a (1.12.2):
			Startup crash hotfix. So much for a "last hurrah" release, heh.

		FoamFix 0.10.12 (1.12.2):
			This is a kind of "Last Hurrah" update. It is strongly recommended.
			* Improved the performance of the model data deduplication step.
			* Slightly improved the memory usage of smallPropertyValue-created BlockStates.
			* Incorporated minor memory usage optimization ideas from malte0811's FerriteCore (with permission) - these have a much bigger impact on 1.14+, but they also won't hurt in 1.12.2.
			* Fixed a memory leak issue with Railcraft tanks (#271).
			* Minor code improvements; they may help fix some issues, but no promises.

		FoamFix 0.10.11 (1.12.2):
			* Fixed multiple "ghost chunkloading" bugs across the 1.12.2 codebase, particularly involving Biomes o' Plenty grass, but also vanilla farmland and modded fluids.
			* Minor code cleanup.

	Inventory Pets (InventoryPets-1.12-2.0.12 --> InventoryPets-1.12-2.0.15):
			Inventory Pets
			“Bag o’ Bugs”
			Release Notes 2.0.15 (for 1.12.2, 1.15.x and 1.16.x)
			* Feed Bag now properly working for all pets (credit: GreenMelonX, Clebb1, deemah350) - 1.15 & 1.16 only
			* Wolf Pet Alarm no longer crashes when you have other tamed wolves nearby (credit: Coraline77447)
			* Silverfish Pet now works reliably (credit: wiarrri)
			* Portal Pet no longer occasionally teleports you to the Nether roof (credit: Adm1n04)
			* Removed broken tag error on startup (credit: WenXin20)
			* Fixed issue where Illuminati Pet altered recipe results after spawning the item, reducing recipe output stacks to 1 regardless of original recipe (credit: Galvan2003)
			* The Nether Portal Pet now remembers the exact location you teleport to and from, ensuring you will return to the same spot.
			* Chicken Pet speed can now be modified via the config
			* Fixed issue with Living Anvil Pet and Living Bed causing crash when spawned near Ice and Fire mobs (credit: Reginald-Halifrax)

			Inventory Pets
			Release Notes 2.0.13 (for 1.12.2)
			1.12 Fixes
			* Fixed issue with Grave Pet not restoring Baubles (credit: Clyax113)
			* Dubstep no longer affects ‘Tamed’ creatures (credit: butterflygirl30)
			* Pixie Pet once again providing double XP (credit: antebell)
			* Furnace Pet no longer smelts Tools (credit: PCRGaming)
			* Cloud Pet lightning no longer removes unbreakable blocks (credit: TheDeadEnder)

	Level Up! Reloaded (levelup2-1.2.3.jar --> levelup2-1.5.8.jar):
			Fix "Always drop ore chunks" config not being respected.

			Opened up crafting and mining bonuses to give more experience with the "divisor" field in the associated JSON file. (Though this more functions as a multiplier)

			* Reintroduced "always drop ore chunks" config option
			* Rebalanced mining experience to not be rewarded with silk touch
			* Fix the lumber drop skill

			Remove ore doubling from silk touch

			Made clientside menus reflect serverside name changes

			Make skill descriptions more generically defined
			Fixed the divisor not actually working

			Fix class name change not being reflected in the selection menu.

			Add customization options to the json files
			Most skills now have a "divisor" field, which affects how skill levels are handled. Effects are varied, so it's hard to explain, but you typically don't want the number of skill levels to go over the divisor number.
			All classes have overrides for custom names and descriptions.

			Fix ore chunk smelting result metadata defaulting to 0

			Fix prospecting on blocks that don't drop themselves

			Add null check to ore chunk config because apparently the ore dictionary can return null?
			Figured out a way to preserve legacy configs

			Actually changes the ore config to add names as a customizable field.

			Updated Mixin to 0.8 to resolve conflicts
			Change ore chunk config to have ore localization name
			Add stack size to ore chunk config's smelting item constructor

			This mod now uses Mixin to hook into vanilla code, which should make the furnace and brewing stand skills process much faster than through the event channels.
			Furnace speed now directly affects cooking speed, reducing time by 20 ticks per level. Hooked into the getCookTime method.
			Furnace doubling now happens during the smeltItem method, providing instant doubling instead of the "one tick delay."
			Brewing stand processing happens during the start of the update method.
			Special compatibility for FastFurnace, because it overrides the smeltItem method.

			Add config options

			Test build for tile entity caching of furnaces and brewing stands for faster serverside performance

			Fix level sync bugs for real this time

	LibraryEx (LibraryEx-1.12.2-1.2.1.jar --> LibraryEx-1.12.2-1.2.2.jar):
			Fixed locale lowercasing issue

	Minor Integrations and Additions (MIA) (MIA 1.12.2-0.2.0e --> MIA 1.12.2-0.2.1a):
		MIA 1.12.2-0.2.1a:
			Updated all mods to their most recent versions
			Added support for Charm
			Added FutureMC/Charm composter support for The One Probe display
			Added FutureMC Bee Nest/Beehive support for The One Probe display
			Re-enabled Aether Continuation integration
			Updated FutureMC integrations
			Made it possible to disable JER from more mods, and made sure all check for it correctly
			Fixed a lot of broken FutureMC Stonecutter recipes
			Removed duplicate FutureMC Blast Furnace recipes
			Removed duplicate integrations with Integration Foregoing that it added in updates
			Removed the (mostly pointless) AbyssalCraft integration
			Some minor fixes

	Mouse Tweaks ([1.12.2] Mouse Tweaks 2.10 --> [1.12.2] Mouse Tweaks 2.10.1):
		[1.12.2] Mouse Tweaks 2.10.1:
			Backported the ScrollItemScaling=1 setting for macOS users to make 1 mouse wheel tick = 1 item.
			It's marked as Beta only so CurseForge doesn't show it at the top.

	Mystical World (mysticalworld-1.12.2-1.9.4.jar --> mysticalworld-1.12.2-1.9.8.jar):
			* Properly fix Thaumcraft issue.

			* Fix cooked carrots and cooked beetroots returning bowls
			* Fixed clam default weights to prevent them from overwhelming squid
			* Adjusted clam spawn conditions to simply below sea level
			* You will need to delete your current Mystical World config if you have had issues with squid spawning.
			* Adjusted clam particles so they no longer spam quite as much.
			* All items and blocks (although not entities) now have Thaumcraft aspects.

			* Allow clams to actually die (i.e., remove debug health regen)

	NetherEx (NetherEx-1.12.2-2.2.4.jar --> NetherEx-1.12.2-2.2.5.jar):
			Fixed locale lowercasing issue
			Updated ru_ru.lang

	Prefab (prefab- --> prefab-
			Forge version 1.12.2 - is recommended for this mod.
			Release -
			1. Fixed an issue where the mod version would show up correctly on the mod information page.
			2. Fixed an issue where most of the starting houses could not be generated due to an error.
			The Blueprint UI for ALL structures has been improved. We took a lot of time to re-capture the preview images and re-design the layout of the screens. We gathered a lot of feedback from folks on the discord and we are very happy how it turned out!
			Release -
			1. Fixed a major issue where the mod simply would not load. Very sorry about that as we missed an obvious thing in testing. The previous version has been archived due to this blunder.
			Release -
			Breaking Changes!!!!!
			This update changes block registration names in order to conform to 1.13 and later standards. This was done to ensure that back-porting any blocks or items can be done easier in the future.
			This means that if you created ANY of the Compressed Stone, Dirt, Glowstone, Obsidian blocks they WILL BE LOST when using this new version. It is recommended that you either use this version in new worlds or you break down the compressed blocks into their un-compressed states before applying this update.
			New Stuff!
			1. Basic Starting House has been updated to be in the same style as the 1.13 and later versions of this mod. This means that the "Maximum Starting House Size" configuration option is no longer necessary but will still show in your configuration files for existing worlds
			2. Custom Bed colors for any structures which contain beds!
			3. Added "Clear" glass option to various structures which allow you to customize glass color!
			4. Added "Creative Bulldozer". This is for creative players to clear out areas without generating drops
			5. Back-ported language files from 1.16.5 version of mod. The new languages are:
			a. Italian
			b. Japanese
			c. Turkish
			d. Ukrainian
			e. Chinese (Traditional)
			6. Click-Block indication for Preview Functionality. This was back-ported from the 1.16.5 version of the mod. Now you can see where you clicked when you previewed the structure to be generated!

	Random Loot Mod (RandomLoot 1.7.4 --> randomloot-1.12.2-1.7.5.jar):
			Fixed armor losing armor points when leveling up. Code submitted by [DeadBryam](https://github.com/TheMarstonConnell/randomlootmod/commits?author=DeadBryam) on github

	RandomTweaks (RandomTweaks 1.12.2- --> RandomTweaks 1.12.2-
		RandomTweaks 1.12.2-
			* Sheared creepers no longer target players.

		RandomTweaks 1.12.2-
			Added shearable creepers.

	Reborn Core (RebornCore-1.12.2- --> RebornCore-1.12.2-3.19.5-universal.jar):
			This update contains an important security, it is highly recommended that all users update.

	Roguelike Dungeons -- Fnar's Edition (v2.3.1 LootTable Entropy Patch --> v2.3.2 Empty Chest Patch):
		v2.3.2 Empty Chest Patch:
			* ❗ Changes segment spawners to generate within the wall, sometimes, covered in glass, sometimes hidden
			* ❗ Changes the Spawner in the Brick room to spawn in different locations in the room
			* ❗ Changes chests in the Brick room to sometimes spawn beneath of the Spawner
			* 🐛 Fix an issue where dungeon chests are empty

	Rope Bridge (ropebridge-1.12-2.0.7.jar --> Rope Bridge 1.12.2-2.2.1):
		Rope Bridge 1.12.2-2.2.1:
			* Fixed suffocation under bridges...
			* Fixed hardness when breaking the bridge.
			* Fixed config changes not being correctly applied.
			* Refactored the codebase and build systems.

	Simple Storage Network (SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.8.0.jar --> SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.8.1.jar):
			Pull Request by itgenie98: Fix hardcoded value in TileMaster

	Thaumic Augmentation (ThaumicAugmentation-1.12.2-2.0.13.jar --> ThaumicAugmentation-1.12.2-2.1.2.jar):
			* Fixed glass tubes sometimes not rendering their essentia
			* Fixed autocasters and celestial observers sometimes not recognizing their owner
			* Fixed a crash when Optifine is installed
			* The impetus bar now respects Thaumcraft's dialBottom config option
			* Increased compatibility with Thaumic Speedup
			* Made eldritch guardians and wardens undead - if this is bad for your pack, set the new config option undeadEldritchGuardians to false

			* Framebuffers will now be automatically disabled if Optifine is installed (fixes celestial observer GUI issues)
			* Fixed crash/error that can occur if a thaumostatic harness augment item is created with unexpected metadata
			* Celestial observers are now resistant to pushing like other constructs
			* Celestial observer item can stack now
			* Improved Robes of the Adept texture by DaRetroCat
			* Updated Chinese translation by Determancer

			I know it has been a while since the last update - sorry about that! This update includes a few new features and a whole lot of bugfixes that have accumulated over the last few months.
			* Robes of the adept, an alternate, more casting-focused armor choice for the mid game
			* Item grates, working mostly as they did in TC4
			* Glass tubes, that display the essentia they are transporting
			* The celestial observer, that scans the sky for you, assuming it has a clear view
			* Gave items that can be used as an infusion stabilizer (and impetus matrix stabilizer) a tooltip if the infusion research is completed
			* Warded chests now display their item name if renamed in an anvil
			* Void boots movement changes should be more resistant to breaking
			* Added config support for mods that overwrite the void boots' movement changes
			* Arcane terraformer now has 128 suction like it was intended (instead of 64)
			* Bolt foci can now go through your own void shields, like projectiles do
			* Fixed a crash when doing some combinations of small impetus transfers
			* Metaspacial extruder now blows up if someone drains the rift while it is growing
			* Warded grass can no longer be turned into grass path
			* JourneyMap renders and other fake world situations that do not fully emulate capabilities should no longer crash the game
			* Eldritch stone recipe now requires the crimson rites research as its entry would suggest

	The Aether (The Aether v1.12.2- --> The Aether v1.12.2-
		The Aether v1.12.2-
			The Aether1.12.2-v1.5.3.2- Added config optionsfordisabling dimension music, menu music,andtoggling music discs being pausedbydimension music.
			* Changed Pink Aercloud texture.
			* Made the topofthe Holystone texturenolonger rotate.
			* Added missing things to the creative menu.
			* Ambrosiumnolonger can enchant all blocks.
			* Aether flower bounding boxes now offset properly.
			* Aechor Plantsnolonger disappearwhenhit with a Gravitite Sword.
			* Cockatricesnolonger target the playerincreative mode.
			* Moved glove positioning down very slightly.

	Unique Crops (uniquecrops-1.12.2-0.2.5.jar --> uniquecrops-1.12.2-0.2.6.jar):
			* fix instabilis crop not dropping detcord when successfully harvesting with shears
			* make weatherflesia able to accept the pixel brush no matter which part of the plant is clicked on
			* make fascino enchanting respect incompatible enchantments
			* buff cobblonia when adjacent to powered sun blocks

	Unique Enchantments (Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-1.9.0 --> Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.0.1):
		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.0.1:
			Bug Fixes & Balancing.
			Version 2.0.1:
			-Fixed: Enchantments could be put on loot even so they were unobtainable (1.16.5 Only)
			-Changed: Echological now includes player level on the repair speed. (The higher the level the faster the repair)

		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-2.0.0:
			2.0 Release with a bunch of Balancing and 1 new enchantment.
			Version 2.0:
			-Added: Configurable Incompatible Enchantments. Now you can make these Enchantments incompatible with Enchantments from other Mods(If desired)
			-Added: New Enchantment 'Endest Reap'. Gains increased Damage against certain targets with every kill
			-Added: Enchantments can now be deactivated or disabled. Deactivating a enchantment deactivates the effect while disabling makes it unobtainable through normal means
			-Changed: Alchemists Grace Potions can now be configured to be only for Mining or Fighting
			-Changed: Ameliorated Bane of Arthropod & Ameliorated Smite can now be applied on Hoe
			-Changed: Fast Food is now comaptible with Looting
			-Changed: Fast Food can now gain increased Gains when combined with Looting
			-Changed: Sage's Blessing EXP Boost can now get even higher Boost with Looting or Fortune
			-Changed: Berserker Max LvL increased from 1 to 2
			-Changed: Berserker Damage Scaling changed to anti-proportional scaling instead of linear scaling. The Damage at LvL 1 is still the same.

		Unique Enchantments-1.12.2-1.9.2:
			Hotfix. I found a bug and fixed it.
			Version 1.9.2:
			* Fixed: Odiums Death didnt have a damage per health regained config.
			* Fixed: Odiums Death used 1 Damage dealt => 1 Health gained back (instead of 30 Damage)

- AI Reducer
- Better Placement
- Dynamic Surroundings
- Entity Culling
- Title Changer
- VanillaFix


Download the mod pack using our launcher here: LINK

Banned Items: HERE!

Daily Reward: HERE!

Donate to support us: HERE!



Adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting


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i use bisecthosting to host a server. when.we play RAD v1.46 the game is fairly buggy. triple compressed cobblestone does not break down into 9 double compressed cobblestone, several of the prefab constructionitems are either missing or no longer work, and several times now i have had to reset the server due to the server going into a restart everything someone tries to log in. Also, a key no longer spawns in a players inventory when they die and a grave no longer spawns. v1.45 did not have these issues but is no longer available to be added to a bisecthosting server. Please advise me on what I can do to fix these issues. Thank you.

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