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[Tutorial] Early Game Autocrafting using RFTools Control


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Thanks to ToddytheBody you can setup simple and quite reliable auto-crafting using not so expencive, almost early-game, machines.
In this tutorial I will show you how to setup cheap and simple auto-crafting system.

Machines needed

- 1x Crafting Station (RFTools Control)
- 1x Processor (RFTools Control)
- 1x Workbench (RFTools Control)

- 1x Programmer (RFTools Control) (Only needed to copy/paste program)

Additional Materials needed

- CPU Core (one for every crafting step) (the better core, the faster crafting will go)
- Network Card (at least 1)
- Crafting Card (one for every recipe)

- Program Card (at least 1)



- Step 1
Place machines in order how it shows on picture
(Processor in middle, Crafting Station on top, Workbench on bottom, 2 any Chests of left and right side)


- Step 2
Use Programmer to paste program.


There are 2 programs, you need to chose one of them depending on direction your chests placed

Copy and paste program into Programmer

Place Program Card in Programmer and save program with any name


  1. Insert Program Card in Processor
  2. Add couple CPU cores 
  3. Add Network Card
  4. Allocate Resources (Green squares) all from 0 to 11



Type "Net setup up" in console

- Step 3
Use Crafting Cards to encode recipes.
Place Crafting card in one of the chests.
Check Crafting Station for new recipe (if there is no recipe, try to put Crafting Cards in another chest)

Add resources to opposite chest.

Now you can autocraft. If you got any problems write here for help.

First of all, toggle debug screen to show all infornation about machine (in Processor GUI, button named "Db." , press it untill you see info on screen or in world)

List of problems

  • Recipe stuck
    Check amount of CPU cores, you need 1 for every crafting step.
    Cancel all curent tasks, and press Button placed on processor (Simple stone of wood button, or level. You need redstone signal to unlock processor).Try to order recipe again.
  • Console says "Missing inventory"
    You used wrong program, and it searching for chests in wrong position, try using another program.
  • Crafting Station says "Failed" in task list
    You missing some materials in resource chest. 
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  • Timur changed the title to [Tutorial] Early Game Autocrafting using RFTools Control
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I apologize for keeping up the conversation after more than half a year, but there is some interest in this fashion industry. Your code is no longer suitable for pasting into the game. Apparently something has changed in the rules for writing code. As a result, I decided to try to write my own code, but the problem is that I can’t get the crafting result from the workbench. What could be the problem? How did you do it?image.png.f3e4bc05ccb6544b29d5e800a656867f.png 

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