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Nomifactory CEu server update to modpack 1.4.3!


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  • Founder


Server address:  nomi.craftersland.net

This is a medium sized update with updated mods and fixes.



  • Updated mods, scripts and configs, details below


Official changelog:


Breaking changes:
- Removed the Vanadium processing line in Hard mode
- Re-implemented the Hard mode difficulty lock

General changes:
- Major quest book fix (#152)
- Greatly improved questbook content for updated CEu content, especially Hard mode questbook
- Update CEu to 2.4.5
- Fixed chanced output not applying to multiblocks
- Update AE2 to 0.54.16
- Added Configuration Terminals
- Added JEI Utilities (#168)
- Added a recipe for noble gases in T2 miner (#176)

Bug fixes: - Fixed the Gas Charge Pad crash (#147)
- Fix discrepancy in ME covered cable recipe time and power - Fix Draconic Superconductor being unable to be crafted to higher thickness (#167) - Fix wrong recycling recipes for Sterilised Filter Casings (#173)





The deep tech pack!


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