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What You Have To Do If You're Crashing The Server!


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If you try to get in a protected area but you don't have the permission to go in, you may crash the server. Every time you try to connect, you spawn at the exact same place and crash the server again and again. So you have to get away from there asap. To do this, you have to change your ip, (so you'll be tped to the spawn). Problem solved.

So what you have to do:
1. Click here to download IP Hider Pro
2. Extract it using WinRAR (or something else)
3. Launch "iphiderpro-setup.exe" (After Install don't Launch/Run Application !!!)
4. Run "Crack.exe" from the Crack folder

5. Start IP Hider Pro (e.g. from desktop)

6. Chose a country (IP), and click Connect

7. Join the server now and login. (Don't do /back !!! )

8. Disconnect the server, turn off IP Hider Pro and Reconnect the server.
9. Have fun!

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lets not forget that it coud send data to some type of server where thay coud see FTB password(its almost useless but some doods use the same password on ewrything.....gmail,facebook, paypal) and it might is runing in background(u can only see it in task manager) and send to the server where u tryed to login/register 


i dont know what it is, im not going to download it, im just saying that is is posible

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Just make it so that whenever you join the server you are automatically at spawn upon login.

It was like this in 1.6.4, it also was suggested, you can however make another topic with the same suggestion if you like

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Teleporting people to spawn when they're offline is not as easy as it sounds. Location is held into the player.dat and you need to alter that in order to tp the player to spawn. Bukkit server works with online players not offline players. To do that, you need to alter the player.dat which might cause other issues on the way. Especially on modded servers that is highly recommended against.

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