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[Suggestion] Acv1

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Hello everyone!


Open this section to know what you think and you give you suggestions about the command:


/action (msg)

/essentials:me (msg)

/bukkit:me (msg)

/me (msg)


For many users ACV1 is somewhat annoying .. so if we chat decreased the most (small) for not occupying half of the screen and come fools users and matching chat to fill posts as you will see below in catch ...








As we are seeing, if I open the chat .. I can not view sent messages above, because all or almost all users use it for anything ...




- I sell diamond boots for 32 gold ingot !! (x10)

- the user (dcdv) is crazy (x50)




A mine for many users and upset about the same subject would be right for access to this command will only have such VIPs on. As users like us, usamons without any knowledge and not simply punish him with 10 minutes of silence ... because every day become to use and publish servers, channels, etc ... and not once ... if not published around 50 times .. (no exaggeration)


Permissions Bukkit: http://wiki.bukkit.org/CraftBukkit_Commands

To cancel these commands.


I hope you were able to understand what he meant and and you may do something to prevent this type of users.


Thanks for all your attention!




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