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  1. Right topic dead, maybe another poll in 1-2 months but for now T/C
  2. @brunyman If you havent already, in the server please change Line 151 to 155 of /config/Galacticcraft/core.conf from # List IDs of non-opaque blocks from other mods (for example, special types of glass) that the Oxygen Sealer should recognize as solid seals. Format is ID:METADATA S:"External Sealable IDs" < 20:0 102:0 > to
  3. Yes. thats is exactly the reason, energy condensers are cheap to make and OP as hell
  4. For the love of god I hope we don't do a tekkit legends server, that modpack just is too easy(coming from a 6 year tekkit player)
  5. Yeah you should be unbanned, unless there is proof from cuadroto, Msging someone a server ip is not against rules I think, aslong as u weren't spamming it to people. Yeah he should probs be unbanned...
  6. Right this issue is over now, if your still mad at each other use /ignore ingame. T/C
  7. Yeah, unless he/she did at one point post the IP in chat, if someone asks you for the IP its perfectly fine to DM/MSG them it.
  8. Noice! Just let me know if you need any help
  9. Nice to see you back!
  10. More people probably remember you than you think, i certainly do.
  11. Done Ingame T/C
  12. Ik this is not my server to say this BUT This has already been disscussed in depth many times about why we Dont use something like CoreProtect We do have a server+clientside mod called OPIS but thats Owner Only cause its too powerful
  13. T/C
  14. LEL well done hell
  15. Just wanted to celebrate the fact that this is the 100 Thousandth post here at Craftersland! Hope this Community Continues to grow!
  16. Not like i stayed up until 3:45AM to snipe that 100k lol
  17. T/C
  18. T/C
  19. T/C
  20. Ban Expired T/C
  21. Ban Expired T/C
  22. T/C Dead topic
  23. T/C