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  1. So someone does the bug and bring it to the spawn, and then everyone has illegal armor :v
  2. Hi MeJorge, Next time post it in "complaints" section, following this template; if you don't, they will ignore your post. Moreover, you have to write always in english on forum, so please edit your post. Template: Thanks for reporting
  3. Please edit your glitched sword D; Thanks for reporting
  4. Lol that sword xDD So you don't know his name? Next time use this template
  5. well she was only there for 2 seconds I don't see any proof and the topic is old. T/C
  6. Swaggirl200*
  7. Edit your post using this template Thanks for reporting
  8. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) :


    In-Game Nickname :




    Nickname of the one you are complaining about :     


    Description of the situation :

    Troll with lava

    Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :







    1. MarceLOL


      Diego, there is section for complaints

      Next time post it there, thanks fo reporting

      And I can't ban, so @ZengZ please come here :v xD

    2. ZengZ


      Sure, ill take care. Just let me arrive home and I will punnish the user :D

    3. ZengZ


      Both user banned. sorry for delay

  9. How much time have you waited? Maybe he hasn't bought it yet. Translation summarized -Gimme the things, i don't scam. -I'll give you first half of the stuff. -Give me everything, it's going to be faster. Then I'll pass you the mc code and I'll buy the cape. *After giving him the stuff, he leaves*
  10. but not maralvinvaro
  11. almarvarovin is already banned, and I can't see the ss
  12. Nice report wait to another staff for the punishment, thanks for reporting.
  13. Is that an arrow?
  14. Maybe the best thing we can do is to make a new topic with a list of every bug of ctw, or things that can be improved, like anti-cheat