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  1. Remove the AntiCheat

    A less strict anticheat would be the best option, reconfiguring this one or having a new one. But remove it isn't an option
  2. Bad sportsmanship and character spam

    Done, thanks for reporting, T/C.
  3. Spammer

    Eduar13 was already warned by cuadroto Thanks for reporting Topic closed.

    Punished! Thanks for reporting, T/C.
  5. Bug Abuse 2nd Offense - Killing in Protected Land [PS]

    I don't see him shooting you (You don't need to write which offense is, I look always their hist) Do you have more ss?
  6. Report

    Already punished, thanks for reporting T/C
  7. CTW - Ban evading.

    Done! Thanks for reporting Topic closed.
  8. Pure survival error

    CTW was also down, but the reset of the server fixed it T/C.

    Punished! Thanks for reporting Topic closed.
  10. REPORT - CTW

    Punished! Thanks for reporting Topic closed.
  11. Report

    Warned thanks for reporting, T/C.
  12. report

    And danni doesn't? Do you have more screenies?
  13. hacks tntrun

    Punished! Thanks for reporting Topic closed.
  14. New Rule, New Mode - SkyWars

    I agree, team mode is a good idea. But I don't see any problem with the enderpearls. Maybe reducing the chance of getting them would be better, if it's possible. What is annoying is the bow with punch, I hate it. Some players camp in their island with the bow :/
  15. REPORT - CTW

    Aris warned and as there is no more evidences for mrjesuz, T/C. If you have any send me a pm