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  1. Since, you are staff and all.


  2. Hello.

    May i ask a question about my profile?

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    2. KirbyMegaX


      Oh, ok Thank you ^_^ have a nice day :P. lol

    3. Powerwarp


      No worries. You too.

    4. KirbyMegaX
  3. the video shows nothing... i'm sorry but maybe you did hack... maybe not, well hope you whatever you did you got banned but just hope you get back in the game...
  4. oh ok thank you, now i understand thank you!
  5. i'm still banned though... i'm sorry for anything i have done, so i am sorry... and i'll just buy the unbanned pass of course that will make you happy. alright thank you for everything. Have a great day! ^_^.
  6. i'm confused.... are you saying i'm so post to be banned temporary or forever? i'm sorry if i dont understand...
  7. Ok, thank you
  8. This is for Tekkit server. Ever since, ZeeDerpMaster Banned me i didn't know why... i didn't see the warnings on chat or anything... i am sorry. just hope i won't still be banned ill suffer any consequences...
  9. um, hello


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    2. KirbyMegaX


      but i am sorry for what i've done and i swear to the staff to never do what i've done.. because i hope to have fun you know... and i'm just sorry :( and i hope you'll forgive me as a group...

    3. KirbyMegaX


      you dont have to reply if you would not like to, or even ignore me.... but please don't.....

    4. KirbyMegaX


      i just couldn't ask anyone only you, because  you are on and you are a friend also, 

  10. hello


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    2. KirbyMegaX


      um are you a friend of ZeeDerpMaster?

    3. KirbyMegaX


      i'm sorry for wasting your time.... if you do not want to answer.

    4. bunnylau


      Nope I'm not and it's fine lol

  11. i am sorry, for what i've done, and i hope everyone will forgive me, i just thought i could give people the items so everyone can be happy.... man, i am banned, i just hope that you can give me another chance which i think you will not.... but i ask please... and even if you do or don't i hope you have a great day! ^_^ and also a great server, while you improve it, or whatever you do, please i ask. Sincerely, KirbyMegaX
  12. Please forgive me for my stupidness. i ask just one more chance you may give me, and i am stupid, just to let you know. i will NEVER give anything in creative or anything and only use my only use. i ask give me one more chance, please. you can even give me restrictions, like not talking to anyone or even removing my rank... i just ask please give me one more chance i ask. Please and this time i will not do what i did stupidly before. Please i ask, Please. And even, if you don't reply or do anything... which i hope not, i hope you a Best Day! ^_^.

    1. ZeeDerpMaster


      Kirby, im so sorry. Honestly. you have been unbanned, i never meant for it to go that far.

    2. KirbyMegaX


      oh ok, Thank you. Have a Nice day! ^_^