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  1. Refunded, T/c.
  2. I've talked to one of your town members yestarday, i seen the base and imo you should ask for a rollback, as the damage to your base is really big.
  3. Fixed, T/C.
  4. There's a few, to name some of the top of my head: - Steam - Glue - Energized glowstone Those liquids go up, so once you break a block or anything in those dimensions a massive chunk update lags out the server. Theres also no way of closing/deleting the dims, no access to the block :/.
  5. Refunded.
  6. Refunded.
  7. Refunded.
  8. Refunded.
  9. New modpack server = pure win, wouldnt mind playing on it at all, you've got my vote
  10. Im using a old pupax launcher (1.4.5-16), works great for me, might want to give it a try.
  11. Sounds good to me, something new every so often keeps minecraft from being boring. +1
  12. It was like this in 1.6.4, it also was suggested, you can however make another topic with the same suggestion if you like
  13. Im sorry but that link wont work, you might want to upload it to a image host [ex:] and link it instead.