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  1. Makes perfect sense. It's actually two different accounts with the same username. One's cracked, the other's premium. Different UUIDs are what's causing this; it's how it works on every server but AC v1. The system thinks it's two different players -which it is; different UUIDs, different accs- and therefore keeps rank status, inventories, etc. separate. Brunyman should be able to move your rank to your premium account, which uses a different UUID than your cracked one. Some proof of your P+ on your cracked acc would also help; say, send 'forum proof' in the server's chat, screenshot that and post it here, so there's no misunderstanding.
  2. Oh, damn. Just read about it in an article a few mins ago. Didn't think it's this bad. Sucks for the computer dude, good luck re-installing everything. Stay safe, guys.
  3. Hey wolf, you'll have to edit your post and structure it using the format found here. Although I think just the unban request you've posted should be enough to sort this out.
  4. Nice work, love the vid. Should help new people get familiar with a bunch of dungeons and parkours. ^_^
  5. Hey, good to see you around dude. Is it i_Wafle_i or i_Waffle_i though?
  6. It's actually common sense to type /rules the minute you join a new server. Instead, more effort should be put into making adjustments to and overall improving the rules and punishments list for each of the network servers.
  7. Sounds awesome, hope your exams went well. Good luck with getting this up and running; hopefully it works out and you get a bunch of people playing. ^_^
  8. Pretty mind blowing when you look at how many people have been on this over the course of 4 years and 26 pages now.
  9. I believe this was dealt with here; guy's now banned. Someone can close this one.
  10. I believe that's restricted to highly ranked staff members, if at all available.
  11. Noticed; second line probably didn't fit there. Would if they went with "You'll get/be jailed." though. "Camping is not allowed. You'll be jailed." should work fine.
  12. Hey, what server is this on, exactly? Tekkit, DW20, etc.
  13. Hi, I think Timur was asking about an online live map like the one on PS, not for a download link of the old map.
  14. Haha, good on you for keeping an eye on that. Awesome work, everyone. ^_^
  15. Hey there, welcome back. Can you provide any proof of purchase for that rank? The staff will also need your in-game nickname.
  16. You don't have to change your forum username anyway. Proper evidence should get you anywhere you want.
  17. Access the store page with the same username you used when you bought Premium+, and check the Sponsor package. The P+'s 30 euro should be deducted from the price automatically, so you only pay the extra 20 euro.
  18. Looks like you don't have a rank on the lobby either. Might wanna fix that, too.
  19. One account should be fine. Simply use the right in-game nickname every time you file a report, depending on your account on the server. Same goes for submitting any account or rank-related requests; all you need is sufficient proof. I'd say having the same name on both server and forum just makes it easier for the staff in certain cases. What do you mean with this, by the way? You had a forum account of yours banned cause of this?
  20. Awesome, that'll do. Shouldn't be too long before brunyman takes a look here.
  21. Hey there. What's your in-game nickname? Bruny should be able to re-activate your kit package since PS was just wiped. Some proof of purchase would also help. Perhaps a screenshot of the confirmation email you got after paying. Someone move this to Network Technical Support while you're at it.
  22. Same here. Looks like he might be talking about a giveaway or something on lobby 1. There's no evidence to prove he scammed anyone. That said, I don't see anything wrong with this; guy's free to say whatever he wants in the chat, so long as no rules are actually broken.
  23. First screenshot doesn't work indeed. @Its_ArthasCTW
  24. He wants to use the two separate prefixes he bought a while ago together on his main account, ItsIsma29R. And then I guess there's another prefix he's looking to recover, the [R4P] one.
  25. What a great introduction. Don't worry about being awkward around the team; it gets better as you go. Just be yourself and believe in your powers. Good luck with your staff career on here. See you around. ^_^