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  1. Hello So I cant use the NEI Cheat mode It happened to me before and the solution was to add me to the NEI Config. Hope that you can do that. Thank you
  2. Account Name: Adrian_2001 Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: /enchant, /timeset, /fly, /speed, /weather, /god, /spawner, /disposal, /lightning. Reason for Request*: Having fun and changing my gameplay experience Have a good day good sir.
  3. Hey there, just wanted to know if theres any cool and amazing commands i should request ?? I play on Direwolf20 1.12.
  4. Granted, once you read your gf/bf's mind you commit suicide :'( I wish that i could see the invisible things in life...
  5. Granted, when you get the good luck somehow you get access to the bank and go to the vault door and then close it after you get inside and you will get trapped and you dont know how to open the door from inside the vault and starve to death. I wish that i could be a wizard.
  6. Wish Granted, as soon as we get happy you kill yourself in a big car crusher machine. I wish that i could get back in time and kidnap the first man will kill in history and make no mistakes behind me so no one will learn how to kill
  7. Granted, but when you use the telekinesis to stare at a spoon in front of your friends you get stabbed in your eye with the spoon and lose your eye ! I wish i could save the world from the biggest disaster
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