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  1. Heyo! I have 5 advanced inscribers in my base for auto crafting, but somehow some of them keep disappearing. Seems a lot like the same problem with the chunkloaders who were fixed. Syv
  2. Syvacus

    Auction commands

    Hello! I didn't find this anywhere on the forum, and had to search a bit around to find it. But here are the commands for ItemAuction: /itemauction - Main command of plugin, it will return the version installed. /ia auction <price> - Puts the item in your hand on auction. /ia cancelauction - Ends your current auction. /ia bid <player name> <price> - Places a bid on the specified player's auction. /ia acceptbid - Accepts the highest bid, ending the auction. Link to the actual website where I found commands here Syvacus
  3. Syvacus

    [Refund Request] Syvacus

  4. Syvacus

    [Refund Request] Syvacus

    Heyo! Your Name: SyvacusItem Name + Amount: Awakened Draconic Sword, Sharpness V, Reaper V, Looting IIICoordinates (format x, y, z): About x:-1401, y:68, z:2118. Not a death btwCoordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Description of Issue: I crafted a drone from opencomputers 24.05 and it dissapeared and said that it was banned (even though it's not on the banned list?). That didn't really matter, but then I noticed my awakened draconic sword also was gone. If it helps I think it was around 12 pm (12:00, not 00:00). Would love to not craft it again, and get all the enchantments ? All in my base Screenshots (Optional): Syvacus
  5. Syvacus

    [Spawn Shop] Lonsdaleite

    Totally agree
  6. Syvacus

    ME wireless connectors

    Heyo! I've been using Wireless Connectors from the AE2 stuff mod. And what I've been noticing is that the power demands have been fluctuating out of the sky! I used it to power 1 import bus and it used about 1,5 Krf/t. I thought it was a bit over the top but had enough power to manage. The next one I connected (about the same range away) had an import as well, and an interface - that took a blasting 5,1 Krf/t!!! Don't know if this is a bug or some configs, but I think that is a crazy amount of power just for 2 devices about 20 blocks away... Thanks for answers in advance Syvacus
  7. Syvacus

    Chunk loading

    Yes, or it's just not relevant anymore
  8. Syvacus

    Chunk loading

    Lol dunno how to delete the post, so pls help ?
  9. Syvacus

    Chunk loading

    Hello! I'm just wondering if chunkloading the spawn could be enabled? It's pretty annoying when the base is running on magmatic dynamos and lava runs out all the time Syvacus
  10. Syvacus

    Chunk Loading

    Hello! I've been playing a little while now on the server and there is this one thing that bothers me, which is the chunk loaders. Becuase every time I relog, I have to manually go and refresh the chunk (that is supposed to be loaded) every time. The other thing is the disappearance of the loaders. Sometimes they disappear. Often after a server restart. And I have to replace them at least once a (real time) day. Just to have said it: this is not an angry message I hope it can be fixed because it is pretty annoying. Keep up the great work! Syvacus

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