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  1. We already have the truth, this will be my last report, I try to help you something that you do not do and you give me the rules nah we are not worth it on my part that the whole Network explodes of dupples I do nothing more
  2. the report is from Network not from Infinity sorry if something is wrong
  3. today I went in and met this person called Frawliet with lots of Legendary Crate Key Tests: https://imgur.com/a/tPZx1SL I asked him where he got the keys from and he replied that Battlefiled gave him for letting himself be killed. Battlefield was recently banned for this issue and another the truth that a ban ip deserves because it does not stop and will continue to do sorry for my English
  4. look I say it and I say it again I do not sell armor and swords the only thing that I sell and only in PureSurvival They are mansions, houses and different constructions and the theme of which you speak ruins the game for the whole game in Network It is already ruined and if you want to know the reasons why Network is spoiled with pleasure, I tell you I understand you Jimmel but my intention is not to ruin the server the reason because I told you that Network is ruined they are for the illegal Iten that walk all over Network
  5. Quiet ZengZ I don't sell armor or swords first because I don't need to sell and if GMs don't have access to this command because they haven't asked for it In some way you are right it was one of the main reasons that people bought Sponsor and Sponsor + and at the time tell me why the people no longer buy more range as before
  6. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: [/Enchant in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: I ask for this command because it is more practical and efficient when enchanting objects Sorry for my English and thank you
  7. these 2 users are distributing illegal objects and duplicating Legendary Keys User Names: BiddyBoom and Battlefield Tests: https://imgur.com/a/vgimc95 https://imgur.com/a/QTb2Dob Today a user tells me that Battlefield delivered on November 5 and distributed many legendary key batteries, the user received 1 legendary key stack that can verify and confirm that the user has that amount of keys User Name is: DestroyeK257 Sorry for my English
  8. I understand and thank you👍
  9. 48 hours have passed we have different hours Aris: It's about the time that has gone by since your last reply, not the date you made the topic. In this case, it was only a day or so.
  10. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ @EPICfighters @Henk @brunyman Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: [ /Top in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: I ask this command for fun who does not like to go through walls in this time of Hwalloween👻 another subject I wanted to ask if they can give me permission in the World Edit of Commands // Copy also // Paste Reason for request: I need these two commands called //copy and //paste because sometimes I make large spheres and I need half of it to place in a specific place I will not abuse these two commands I just want them for construction Here below I leave a picture of some contructions that I did with Word Edit so you can see that I used Word Edit in good ways https://imgur.com/a/02gW3qi
  11. ¡¡Skull can also have them: users because I have seen many of them with skull and I was wondering if they could have them because I think they are only for Sponsor / Sponsor +¡¡ sorry for my English
  12. EPICfighters command works perfect
  13. Pure survival is fine. I liked the changes. It remains to put the command in: AC, skyblock, Hiipo Survival only missing in these game modes @EPICfighters Thanks for everything
  14. @EPICfighters Which server did you try it on? I tested it in Pure Survival I put / time set day and it tells me that I don't have permits
  15. EPICfighters there is another problem. I don't have the permissions of the command I requested: / set time day / night @EPICfighters from the previous post I did here I leave you proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/z6XTqWC Another thing in the game mode of: AC the command: / Skull I can only get my skull I try to put Other usernames to be able to use their skull and it doesn't work here I leave a proof of what I say https://imgur.com/a/SMyfTtW Sorry, I didn't make this message in the previous post. because it was already T/C
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