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  1. 您好,请使用Google翻译工具 并将您的语言翻译成英文谢谢 Edit(google translate by ManySouls): Hi, please use Google Translate And translate your language into english thank you
  2. ok CriticLC_ I apologize will not happen again
  3. hello CriticLC_ I can help you with Word Edit take out an ax from GM1 and mark two potions if you get the two positions marked as in the photo it is because the command was given correctly https://imgur.com/a/fQtcfdt
  4. Hello, use the following template
  5. @CriticLC_ T/C Don't put T/C in every post you make Thank you
  6. hello Sotaku if you change your prefix [Sponsor] red you stay [Sponsor] [Santa]: Sotakuu.
  7. hello, there is a problem on the server, the pistons are a mistake today. I tried to make a sugarcane farm in the PureSurvival game and the pistons do not complete their function. I think it's due to the version change.
  8. hello when the server was updated to minecraft 1.15.2 you can no longer buy protections in the spawn and in the market the eggs / Villagers Generators do not work
  9. no qtChan that command kills on a radio I don't tell you the exact radio because I don't know but I think it's 3 or 4 / chunks.
  10. mikewerf_ just report that there was a command to remove the mobs I see nothing wrong with that
  11. Sponsors have a command to remove mobs in a radius and if it's to kill people, I think it's a staff permit
  12. Server: network hello I want to edit my prefix [CL] I wish it was [URU] Well, the color I want to leave as a light red Thank you
  13. hello because you have many posts?
  14. hello it happens to me too is something about hack control happens almost always when you have a mobs farm
  15. I don't inform you that the staff of the Network took Holidays Permanent
  16. ok, but I can't see the Enderchest of others I don't know why I can only see my Enderchest if you accommodate the command to / Enderchest Name ? Thank you and excuse my English Happy New Year? I just figured out that the command is like // Enderchest Name but I find empty the Enderchest of the other people it will be a mistake I don't know the truth
  17. / Hat and this command for AC ?? /Enderchest Others is to see the Enderchest of other people not?
  18. you are wrong and I will not say anything else, I have enough problems to address this issue There are other ranges that have these commands that have less access to the commands than the Sponsors + ranges I also ask for that command to help the server, not for fun
  19. Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_ Rank: sponsor + Commands requested: /Vanihs /Hat /Afk /Enderchest Others /FireWork in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] Reason for request: /Vanihs I ask for this command for the people who duplicate Legendary Create that sometimes I discover them duplicating and every time they see me they disconnect /Hat I like this command because it's like the /skull /Enderchest Other, this command addresses the same topic I said about the Vanihs command. People hide duplicate things and illegal objects. I will have more evidence to report the person /FireWork to edit fireworks to my liking Sorry for my English Merry Christmas?
  20. hello I inform you that the command / enchant will not give it to you because it is only for GM staff
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