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  1. [Fame] Ac v1

    #bumping for results.
  2. [powerwarp] Set Prefix

    No, i don't have any prefix in this name, i want to get only one prefix with these 3 payments i think, a gm told me i could. @brunyman
  3. [Fame] Ac v1

  4. [powerwarp] Set Prefix

  5. [powerwarp] Need Some Support

    #BUMP @brunyman @Powerwarp
  6. Powerwarp and brunyman

    With the smoke grenade so many players are agree...
  7. Powerwarp and brunyman

    Maybe also can u reduce the duration of the smoke grenade? is so annoying when you drink your potions and actually any person throw them and u need to drink milk... would be great if the lengh be 5 seconds or something
  8. [powerwarp] Need Some Support

  9. [powerwarp] Need Some Support

    *BUMP* @brunyman
  10. Hiipo is back!

    Yeah, is so annoying when u are just mining and the server kicks you.
  11. @Brunyman @ Powerwarp suggestion for survival servers

    Agree, maybe adding a plugin to pvp like 1.8 in 1.12.X would be great since the new pvp is shit sincerily, and as dante says downgrading from version the 1.8 doesnt have the same objects like 1.12 for decoration and more.
  12. Well first of all i dont really know if i can do this but i wanted to make 1 post relating all the posts where i still need help cuz is so annoying bumping and bumping post pher post So, 1.- My rank in TDB_iiMasterLoL 2.- My fame in _ItsFredy_ 3.- The prefix in _ItsFredy_ 4.- And my premium from iiFredy_ Hope bruny can see this post soon, greetings.
  13. Report - Survival Servers

    In the second image you have 3 xp levels, in the third image 103 and in the fourth image 200 totally legal lol
  14. [powerwarp] Set Prefix

    Hi, i was talking with a GM+ abouth a prefix and he told i can merge 3 payments 1 vip & 2 prefix i paid in the past to get only 1 prefix in 2 colors. I would like to have the prefix with this colors https://prnt.sc/glzse3 In-Game proof + payments: https://imgur.com/a/5KioK The total for the payments are 16 € and 1 prefix in 2 colors 10 + aqua(1) total 11.
  15. [Fame] Ac v1

    In-game Name: TDB_xPoTaTo_Rank: FameCurrent Server: Ac v1New Server: _ItsFredy_Proof of Ownership (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/gmrE6 447,000 fame