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Space Factions - Mars Planet


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Hello guys, 

Planet Mars custom terrain generation is almost complete!


There will be some unique features like:

  • No liquid water will be found in this world
  • Some lava can be found deep underground
  • As resources you will not find coal and lapis lazuri but you will find a lot of iron and some gold, diamonds and emeralds.
  • No mobs will naturally spawn in this world.
  • Air will be not breathable so you will need to wear a space suit all the time.
  • As gravity is about 60% less then Earth you will be able to jump 2x as high.
  • Snow can be found sometimes on top mountains but this is rare.

Survive here will be a real challenge, get ready to build a real space colony. Remember this is part of a large project called Space Factions, this will be just 1 planet from many that will come.



Now some pictures of how the planet will look like:












Coming soon...

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