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Rftools Endergenic Generator, Designed By Me!


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Yesterday i was noticed fun fact, RFTools got it`s own power generation system.

Did you know that?


I didn`t..


It calls Endergenic generator. And it`s hard to understand as hell. Here is some Youtube links of tutorials:


And look at this!!


It`s a SIMPLE generator setup!!! LOL!!!


But, i`m engineer, so i made my own Endergenic setup.


It`s beautiful!


Now... you can ask me, why do i need it anyways...


Because this thing generates about 11000-13000 rf/t using ender pearls!!!


And even more fun fact, it`s got only like 1% chance so ender pearl will "break", so theoretically, 1 ender pearl can give infinite amount of power! (Usually it gives about 6-12 million rf, but can break any moment not giving power at all, it`s all random)



So now, let`s build this thing step by step


1) 4 Endergenic generators, distanse of 2 between them:


2) 4 Ender monitors:




Set them all to "Pearl fired"


3) 4 Sequencers:




Set them all to mode "Once2", if you leave it "Once1" it will fail. And make sequence pattern like this:


4) Now use wrench or hammer, and link generators in circle pattern, like so:




5) Add Pearl Injector block:


6) Add 2 more sequencers:


And make them both this pattern (Don`t forget about mode "Once2")


7) Now it`s time for "Fail timer", in case of pearl breaks. Place 1 Ender monitor, and timer (Set timer to 30), set monitor to "Pearl fired":


8) Now place some redstone dust, or other cables you like:


And DONE!!!


Just toss some ender pearls in injector, and you will get lots of power in really low cost.



P.S. I didn`t find any ready-to-use easy desings. And this desing is my own invention. So if someone will post this design anywhere, i want you to leave a link to this site.


P.P.S  If it will not work on server good enought.... Blame Soaryn... i mean blame server lag!

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Just tested on FTB server, and it works just fine, only fps drop down a lot. (Damn particles)

I don`t know how to lag server hard, but tps 19 is mostly usual, so this setup works. All calculations is server side, so it`s not lag problem. It`s a good early-mid game power source. Tho it`s unstable, and need kinda many pearls, if you got spawner, then you ok.


Also, you better change it to some more reliable power source later, and less laggy.

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