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[Minecraft 1.7.10][Fionapack]


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Well today I am starting a new minecraft playthough with this modpack. It is designed to be a revamp of tekkit. Hopefully it is new and exciting for players to try.


I started off, by digging a hole. Diggy diggy hole after I made some basic tools from wood.


There was a large cave system underground at my spawn, and after chickening out a few times I got enough iron. Soon enough, I realized I was alone on the island with only a few sheep. I realized I had to Use Mystcraft to get to a new place.


But it was dark, and scary raining planet, with a thick fog. As I inched closer, footsteps sounded around me and I started to hear whispers. The pillar which I had thought at first was crystal turned out to be ice. I picked up some cinderpearls on the way back.


I finally got the iron I need for a decent set of armor. I even make a iron halberd, cuz why the hell not :D I might be finally ready to go to that thing I saw in the distance one time. But that’s another story…


I woke up the next day ready to cross the ocean. I wonder what this mysterious symbol means, and what treasures lie inside :D



I wandered around for ages, until somebody told me there is something buried in the temple.


I found a pressure plate that I mined away instantly. The loot was mine!


When it came time to say goodbye, I used my new ofanix, which is like a cobblestone generator, to make a nerd pole out of the ruin.


On my way back to my island, I saw an interesting feature. But, when I got closer, a bunch of skeletons came out from behind a hill!


I dispatched them quickly with my new weapon and my bronze armor.

When I came back, I reviewed all the loot I had got.


I settled into my new home I had made with mostly cobblestone and my newly crafted flint-lock pistol. After making a couple machines to handle common operations I was ready to make the portal.


After getting the obsidian, I was finally ready to go to the nether!

- The nether was very difficult with huge lava lakes and exploding ores. I could only manage to make two long bridges over the lava before I lost nerve and the multiple ghasts made me turn around with no fortresses found. I knew what I had to do.


I went back to the wasteland. I collected some iron ore from the cave, and then wandered the surface looking for some creepers. I found a library with a malic acid page. IDK what that is, maybe I can use it later. Of course I didn't find any creepers, though.


I found a secret way to make gunpowder - involving pulverizing lots of sandstone and netherrack. I was finally ready. But that’s another story…


1 shot, 1 kill as I leapt from the forming bridge, and then took aim at the assaulting ghast.



I finally found my nether fortress and killed a couple blazes inside. Was pitch black, but my candle lit the darkness. In the meantime, a crazy ghast was shooting outside constantly. As I hurredly gathered netherwert from the fortress, I could only imagine his blasts chipping away closer and closer to me…




It was a truly huge fortress, but I had got what I needed and didn’t want to overstay my welcome.

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When I got back I surveyed my loot.  To my surprise, one of the ghasts dropped its tear right on the bridge over lava.  How lucky!  I almost cried on the way back because it had been so hard.  Before long, I’d returned to my staircase and nether portal.  I turned around to get one last look at the hell, before going back to the Overworld.  I had gotten 2 ghast tears, 14 blaze powder, 1 blaze rod, a bunch of netherrack, netherwart, and soul sand.

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I broke into a run as the darkness started to close in all around me…  I turned around in time to watch the twilight sun’s final kiss on the horizon.  Skeleton bones clanged all around me as I sprinted to an unusual item that I could barely see in the darkness.  I snatched it up just in time to get whacked on the head by it’s zombie owner.  I raised my halberd and ran him through.  I almost broke my halberd in the ensuing melee.

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I managed to refill my hunger in a hut.   I had almost lost to 7 skeletons and 5 zombies.  One of the zombies had a reflect fire ability that burned me good when I hit him and then I almost died to a skeleton with poison arrows that withered me away to half a heart just as I was completing the hut.  When I looked up again, it was morn, and thus time for more hope.

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As I materialized in my new location, a zombie whacked me immediately and I heard arrows whiz by my head.  I hit the floor running killing the zombie and sprinting through the night.  I ran all night and finally used the exit book to return home.  All this was two days ago.  But that’s another story…

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I made a mob spawner as I normally do by activating the division sigil.  The platform of dirt above my base changed to cursed earth, which spawns mobs incessantly.




At first I did manual killing, when I discovered I can make grinder to kill them faster, and have more enderman appear.  The grinder needed power, so I also created a solar panel.

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