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Network Space Factions Update To Full 1.9.2 Is Complete!


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The Network Space Factions Survival Server update to 1.9.2 is complete!


All servers (Space Ship, Mars, Moon, PvP Arena) were updated to 1.9.2 and there are no changes in server features, but this large update required a full WIPE.


I'm sorry this update took so long, got busy with some CTW updates, maintenance and Easter holidays.



Space Adventures!

Cracked: mc.craftersland.net

EU: play.craftersland.eu

US: play.craftersland.us

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I had the Easter holyday's and was away for 5 days with family so I could only maintain and check the servers. :P, I'l be working on some improvements for CTW plugin now, then next is AssassinS

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