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Skyfactory Server Update To 2.5 Is Complete!


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Hi guys,

The SkyFactory update to latest modpack version 2.5 is complete!


This was a large modpack update and needed a full server wipe, and a lot of re-configuration because all items ID's were changed and also a lot of new mods were added.


All server features are the same, and here are some things we worked on:

- Re-tested all items for protection bypass.

- Updated the restricted items list.

- Updated all spawn shops items id's.

- Updated challenges item's id's.

- Full server wipe, and re-generation of all worlds.

- Fixed some dupe and crash bugs.

- Other small tweaks.


ModPack 2.5 ChangeLog: Here

Restricted Items List: Here

You can download the old server map before the WIPE here: Download


Thanks to all staff members that helped out!






Build your SkyFactory!


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