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Archepvp - A Partnership Server


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Hello Crafter's,


Today, I'm proud to announce that I will be releasing, with the help of brunyman, a new Kit PVP server! I learnt from my mistakes last time, and I can't wait to get back at it again. Hopefully you guys will really enjoy playing it, we will be releasing it to the public next month! (After the network staff help us fix all the bugs  :P)

Our animator, SlimeUpTime, has put in a lot of work and made a fun teaser trailer for us to share with you, can anyone recognise the map? This trailer doesn't contain any actual gameplay, but make sure you stay tuned and you will see some shortly!


Teaser Trailer:

Another post will follow with more details about the server, right now we don't want to give too much away, but we hope you are as excited as we are. Briefly, it will work similar to how heist did, except all network staff will have ranks on our new server, however, VIP ranks unfortunately will not be able to be transferred.

Make sure to check out SlimeUpTime, he has some really nice work, full credit to him for the above trailer.


His Info:



Thanks for your time,


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