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Games You Play Beside Minecraft


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What games you guys/girls play in your free time beside this weird game called Minecraft?


When I have some and I feel like playing a game, I play anything that involves strategy, mind-puzzles, logic puzzles, etc. And some games that I play just for relaxing.


Like in the past few weeks, since I got kinda bored of Minecraft, I started again to play Tera. It's a Fantasy MMORPG. Cool story, nice combat mechanics, awesome classes, kinda bad optimization but works:). If wanna join me (I spend some time on there) pm me for server and IGN:D


And recently tried Castlevania 2. Nice game... too many cut-scenes:)


Also, can you suggest any game that you played and think it's worth playing?

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If you guys around here are actually willing to get outside the house, I play a cool game called Ingress :P


It's set as a Sci-Fi factions type battle, but the twist is, it's based in the real world. The plot of this game, to wayyy simplify it (there are 3 whole books about it) is that scientists discovered a new type of matter, called Exotic Matter, which seeps into our world through places of creativity, called Portals. These places are things like fountains, murals, churches, and other places throughout the world. This exotic matter is capable of altering the human mind and its thoughts.


The scientists argued about what to do with this new exotic matter, and formed two teams. The Resistance seeks to destroy this exotic matter before it takes control of the human race. The Enlightened seeks to harness this exotic matter to benefit mankind.


So, it's like a giant capture-the-flag game with these portals in the real world. You have to actually go around town and capture these portals for your team. You have to physically be there (utilizing your phone's GPS) to do anything. So, in turn, this helps you get out and exercise, while still gaming. This is a really basic introduction, but if anyone is interested in trying it out let me know and I can give you a better getting started tutorial :P

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I personally enjoy point and click variety of games, along with puzzle type and role playing games. Usually ones with a story as it's main focus. My list includes:


Undertale (You could date a skeleton and save the Underground, or go on a murder spree and kill everybody in it. Or not. I hear the skeleton is one cool dude.)

The Deponia Series [Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia, and Deponia Doomsday] (4 games, involving the end of the world, clever puzzles, time travel, cloning, and platypuses. So many platypuses.)

Portal 1, Portal 2, and Portal: Mel's Story (Makes you think with portals, potatoes, and cake. Gravity/Physics simulator with a great story and some crazy robots.)

Anna's Quest (A sort of romp through Grimm's Fairy Tales, with a bit of a twist. Also, you have telekinesis.)

A Boy and his Blob (A boy and his shape-shifting blob friend go on a platforming adventure, tossing jellybeans everywhere.)

Dino RunDX (A pixelated dinosaur runs from the Apocalypse to safety)

Universe Sandbox^2 (Throw planets at other planets. Play with orbits. Throw stars at other stars. Freeze the Earth. Melt the Earth. Watch all of that in slow-motion.)

Detective Grimoire (Point and click who-done-it. Devilish puzzles.)

Edna and Harvey series (Who are these Censor Gnomes who paint over upsetting material in a pleasant pink shade? Are they real life or fantasy? Comedy games.)

Cthulhu Saves the World (The embodiment of the unknowable, lord of insanity, has to become the good guy to get his powers back. JRPG style playthrough.)

Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim (Totally a Cthulhu dating sim. Meet the Olympic Velociraptor Bobsled Team.)

Crudelis (Steampunk setting. The last hour of your life. Can you solve your own death? Non-linear plot, a dozen different endings.)

Contrast (Switch between 3D and 2D, and solve puzzles while platforming. You can become a shadow. In the 1920's.)

Antichamber (M. C. Escher-land filled with crazy puzzles and looping hallways, and changing architecture.) 


All of these are available on Steam. Warning: Casual gaming. Another warning: The only multiplayer ones on here are Portal 2 and Dino RunDX. Number of guns is almost zero. Apologies to those who like to savagely murder their friends and loved ones.

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Each Lord of the Rings game on release :P

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle Earth 2: The Rise of The Witch King


Diablo 3


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Warhammer Total War

Planetside 2



Prison Architect from time to time

After a few updates ill go back to ARK: Survival Evolved


And prob a few more ;)

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