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[Presentation] Shikateido


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Full Name (ex. John Smith) : Stanciu Andrei.

IGN : Shikateido.

Age : 16 -> 17 on 5 August. [1990805]

Location : My location is Constantza,Romania.

A short description of yourself : My name is Andrei but in english we could translate it like Andrew,i'm a cool guy who's looking to make friends everywhere he goes,mind open dude,not searching problems and a cool brother for everybody who respects me.

Social information (ex. Facebook, PSN, etc.) : To socialize with my friends i'm using Facebook and i'll give ya' my facebook adress ^^ . https://www.facebook.com/AndreiTyriel?fref=ts

Hobbies and interests : My biggest hobby is Fotball,not Rugby,and i'm training everyday at "Academy Of Fotball Gheorghe Hagi" <- that's how we translate it.

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You like football?!?!? Let's go!! I'm a huge fan of football!

Anyways, we can talk about football at anytime if u want :)

My friend, I think u know me =))



Facebook link not working

Should work now , idk why not but for me it's working . https://www.facebook.com/AndreiTyriel?fref=ts

I'll add you on Facebook :)

This is my adress : https://www.facebook.com/AndreiTyriel?fref=ts

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