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Skyfactory 2 Server Small Update


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Last week we spent more time on SkyFactory to get some stuff fixed, and most of the planned fixes are now in place!

Some of them are: 

  • Re-coded the login system. This system is more premium player friendly, new premium players will no longer need to register/login and they will have premium UUID's, basically the server runs in online mode now, but will accepting non premium players, if you are non premium and join the server for the first time you will get a disconnect for invalid session but if you join the second time it will work, this is part of the premium check process and only happens only once when the player joins the server for the first time.
  • Updated the island plugin and the island level and trust command now works.
  • The machines that did not work before like Killer Joe now work on the server, thx to the above updates.
  • More mods patches to fix some server crashes, now crashes are rare and the server is more stable.


So this update is to improve the server features and fix some old issues. Thanks for supporting us, i'm very happy to provide a more stable and less laggy SF2 server after the last month updates.


Build your SkyFactory!


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