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"fatal Error" Glitch Happening To Everyone


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 Hello, I'm here to report a " fatal error " - it kicks a player every time they warp, go to another dimension, /back, /is home, anything that requires then to warp somewhere or go to another dimension without traveling on foot. *Portals don't count as on foot*

 ​Sometimes when you log back in after this "fatal error" occurring, you will get kicked right when you login for "fatal error" again, I have seen this happen from a range of 1-10 times before the player could actually play without getting kicked on login.


 I would appreciate if you would look into this and try to fix it or try to find the source of the issue.



​Thank you -  ​_​Ice​_


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can you please post your  client log when this happens?

will do, it might have been a temporary glitch, because it isn't happening to me anymore, or an item is bugged because this stopped happening to me after I cleared my inventory.

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