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Unban Batmap


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

For at least a week or two, the Judge Nukelar is acting inappropriately. This person has been set loose with no oversight and is causing issues on your tekkit server.


Today, a person was banned for having the word jew or jewish in their username. Right before this, a person was spamming 'Kike' like 20 times and was not banned.


I pointed out the fact that Nukelar is (forget actual quote; but if you tell me where it is in logs, will edit this post) being a retarded child and to grow up. I believe he has been the admin behind griefing in my base over past few weeks. I am fairly certain due to his inflammatory language, that he is the one causing issues on the tekkit server.


Below, please find examples of the behavior over the past week or so.


Namely, excessive and random spam of broadcasts, such as:

'hit the water' was killed by some random player

'burned in lava' was killed by some random player


Aside from the normal server advertising and other broadcasts, these seemed over the top excessive and unnecessary, very very much like spam.


At one point, I asked if we could /ignore server broadcasts. Someone showed up where I was mining below my town and started throwing snowballs at me. There was nobody there or invisible. I warped to /home. They followed me and kept with throwing snowballs. I warped to /town spawn. They followed me and kept throwing snowballs at me. Then my pet wolf was affected somehow, even though the wolf had been told to 'stay' (shift-click with hand). The wolf ran around jumping on machines and walls, running around. I kind of found it funny, but also annoying that someone with admin privileges was griefing me in my base.


Had anything been taken or changed, other than the wolf, I would have reacted and reported this immediately. I did ask (general chat) whoever was doing it to stop griefing me, or something like that. Other than that, I tried to let it go and forgive this childlike behavior.


This child needs to be taken out back and given a swift willow branch. Your server staff are represented by this child, and this behavior makes me think all of you act in this manner.



[3] Ban Category:

staff harrassment

[4] Ban Duration:

2 days

[5] Staff Member:

Judge Nukelar

[6] ScreenShots:

n/a. I did not expect to be banned for telling the staff member the was being an immature little retard. If I was acting that way anywhere in society, the adult response to that is to tell them about their behavior.

[7] Your Reason:

I do not feel like I was harassing Nukelar. I was telling him the truth and expected him to apologize and stop doing the abusive and harassing and griefing and causing issues on the server. Sometimes, you have to slap somebody to wake them out of their stupor. This guy needs to be given a break from admin rights or at least mandatory vacation.


Ask the other players that are on atm. What was I doing that was harrassment? I was trying to help him stop being a little shit.

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1. I did ban him for 2 day for racisim and 2. I did not do any broadcasts that is a GM perm 3. The person in question is called your dad is jewish, which i find offensive cause it could suggest being a jew is bad (I have nothing against jews) 4. I do not have /tp or /vanish i was at my space station the whole time.

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Calling someone a retarded child is not the right attitude to get an unban. Someone lock this topic and punish @batmap


EDIT: Oh, wait, this is not FTB. Why do you post this here then?

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Be reasonable and fair-minded and I will not use those terms I did. But you were not being reasonable or fair-minded.


Again, who has the ability to ignore /mytown permissions. Of those people, who was in my town griefing or whatever it is called.


I must have missed part of the conversation, because it was already happening when I logged in. I dont really care what I missed, but telling players to stop with the conversation about politics and religion is the wrong thing to say. People will be people, but talking about them is not breaking the rules. You were being immature for threatening them like you did.

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It is true though, Nukelar is barely 13 years old and he lets go his friends (KnightSpirit) when they say bad language. And when I was trying to be unbanned, for "[3] Ban Category: PVP with god items, claim bypassing" (false), he came in and said "Sorry Quartz The ban stays you were tp killing and were pvping with op items."  Any normal person including Larry Newman can see, those are not the same things.


Also, Nukelar hadn't been able to log in to the server at all.

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I did /ignore on knightspirit cause he spammed me with tp reqs, also i accept i made a mistake there but batmap, i cant turn off plugins, and i did ban the guy who was spamming, also quartz, if ur having probs with knightspirit just msg me.

Also quartz about ur post powerwarp already gave me a warn for that, i made a mistake, i accept that.

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Well first, someone has to move this topic to the Tekkit Unban Requests Forum


Second, I honestly can't tell if this post is a joke, or an actual unban request. Here's why:

  • You posted in the wrong forum
  • This sounds more like a complaint than an unban request
  • Most of the things mentioned aren't even plausible
  • You're requesting an unban for a ban that lasted two days
  • 'server broadcasts' such as death messages can be from any player, not the staff members. Also, /broadcast is a permission for Admin+ I believe
  • Anyone below Game Master cannot mess with anything in your base except moderators which can open doors and inventories
  • Last but not least, the ban reason, 'staff harassment' is a valid ban reason. It should've been a warning first, and then a day mute, not a ban.

Lastly, this entire topic is just an argument. When someone uses 'bad' language, they're generally using it for fun. If you call someone a silly banana, that could be taken as an insult, but it's really not an insult. When you call someone a retarded kid for doing absolutely nothing that's grounds for a punishment.


I'm going to unban batmap, but issue a 12 hour mute instead. 


And someone please move this to Tekkit Unban Requests


T/C *pretend I have the power to close topics in other forums*

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