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Spawn Rebuilding


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Similar suggestion was discussed over on the Skyfactory server that we have, you can read the thread here

But to recap, this is what was said:



spawns usually only change upon a server wipe.



As flamingironbird said, we don't change the spawn unless there is a wipe, sorry.

I don't know what the plans of the higherups are but I doubt that there would be a complete rewamp of the spawn, if anything they might add more to it in time. :-) 

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@Ancient_Wyvern. If you build new spawn building, outside of actual spawn. In separate spot, I`m sure your building will be used as new spawn building.

Only couple rules of spawn building:

1) No hidden valuable blocks allowed. (obviously)

2) No modded blocks allowed, only vanila blocks. (Because after wipe block`s ID can change, and spawn will be messed up)

3) No command blocks. (Ofcourse, command blocks disabled, but still...)

4) Leave place for Computers monitors. (check other servers to see how monitors placed)

5) Places for shops. (Alot of space is better then too few)

6) Places for portals. (END portal, Deep dark portal)


7) Spawn building must be "good looking".

Now. why do i write this rules? Because if you`ll make spawn looks good, Brunyman can probably spend his time to Worldedit your build in place of old spawn, setup monitors, rebuild ALL shops signs, setup all chests, mail boxes and market. Place all holotexts and properly chunkload/secure area. Usually it takes about 1-2 days to fully finish spawn, and Brunyman very busy person. But if your spawn deserve it, it will become official FTB IE server spawn, untill server will remain active (a long time, maybe forever lol).


P.S. If you just want to get access to "gm 1" and access to rebuild spawn "in place", then... forget it. No one will let you mess with active spawn because you are "good builder". If you want your spawn instead of old one, then make spawn first. And even if Brunyman will be busy, but will be agree to replace spawn, I can start spawn replacing process. But first... Make actual spawn!

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Well, it look biger then existing spawn, and it looks a tiny little better... but... Not that good...

You see, your building is a bit... pale... That cobble walls, dark places, lack of decorations. It all looks not that great.

Have you ever seen spawn at Skyfactory server? DW20 server? World Automation (RIP) server? They all grand buildings with lots of details.

I`m not telling you to build huge and complex building... But... Spend some of your time to make building actually worth of Brunyman`s effort to implement that building.

As I told before, Brunyman will spend about 2-3 days to configure new spawn, but i don`t think he will spend so much time for building you made in about 4-6 hours. If you will spend couple weeks for building new spawn, you will make build worth of our server.

P.S. I see you got style, your build look not bad at all, but I know you can make better. So you understand, you have more then MONTH to make your build, because Brunyman is a busy man, so no rush, keep building, and put some soul in that build.

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