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Please consider traincraft 1.7.10


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Traincraft has been a WIP for a while now and they finally got the code picked up a while ago. Its a really super fun mod. and trains are long over due in MC. I dunno just a suggestion.. If I had my way i would add it to every modpack.

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We didn't make any of the modpacks that we host, and have no say in how they are developed. If we were to add it to the server, that would mean anyone who wanted to play it would also have to install the new mod, so that their client could sync with the server. It would be a very large hassle to do this, not to mention many of our players are new to modded, and wouldn't know how to do it, and they would have to go to our forums to find out which missing mod(s) they need, and most players don't want to do that.

Basically, this would reduce our playerbase, which is something we don't want. We use the standard pack, no extra mods. When you join the server the first time, you noticed that it didn't kick you for missing an unknown mod. We want to give that same experience to everybody, so no extra mods.

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I seriously dislike when you logic me Quagma... MODS are easy to install!!shgjklsdfhgkj Anyways Love you G'nite!


WAIT! but also why not provide the modpack to Download? I think it would be really cool for craftersland to have their "OWN" modpack made up. I would totally be down for that! Maybe a New step in a different direction?

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We've tried that, two or three times, actually. None of them worked out, and disputes, problems and lots of issues were caused by it.

And lots of angry people and would-be developers. And arguments on whether a mod is good or bad.

I don't think we are going to try another custom pack.

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  • Founder

I always liked Traincraft, but last time when it was on 1.6.4 and I did a test server was very buggy still, however I would like to make a server on the new version but the ultimate question is if someone would like to play on a Traincraft themed server? And how do they want to play, like , fresh map and build rights for everyone or a pre built map with rails and stuff and they only play with trains without building?

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I say fresh map. Get Immersive enginerring etc. No AE2. But lots of common core mods. Drawers jabba etc. Make the pack like really player intensive economy. I dunno I will think of good mods to add in, Like a western style thing. With 1.70 TC its a completely different author. For the most part most bugs I have noticed are gone. Laos added animations for angled ascents/decents. its been reworked Really well.

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That sounds interesting... lmk if you want help making modpack.  I got experience getting modpack together on Technic launcher.  The main idea is whether such mod as magic, steam mod, and railcraft should be on there and how lite to make the pack.  Msg me if you got tons of details.

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In my own opinion... 
As stated, adding a mod to an already existing modpack would hardly be possible, or atleast it would come with alot of hassle. As every player would also have to add the mod separately. Playing around with adding a new server just for this gimmick and having a custom modpack to showcase it I can't see that working out in the long run. We've had plenty of custom modpacks servers that haven't worked out for various reasons, the thing is that a modpack like this would become populated by the network's regulars and that would be about it. Eventually players quit or they move on to another of our server, or they get banned, it's inevitable to run out of players. As this would be a custom modpack there wouldn't be an existing popularity to bring in players. 

This is the reason I think custom modpack servers are a bad idea, it's important to a server to be on an already popular modpack otherwise there would be no searches for it and therefore no new players. This is still possible for someone like Direwolf20 himself, as he has a large following behind him and that's what made his modpack famous and a spot on the launcher.
Bottom line, I don't agree with adding a new custom modpack server, perhaps if there's already an existing modpack for this suggested mod, then perhaps.

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No /back, /town spawn, or /warp
Players must travel the world on foot or use beds

World Mods

Mo' Villages
Biomes O Plenty
Dense Ores
Deadly World
Resource Loader
Cloud Master

Key Mods

Immersive Engineering
Steves Carts
Flaxbeards Steam Power


Lycanite's Mobs
Animals Plus
Infernal Mobs
Special Mobs

Flavor Mods

TIS 3D low tech computers
Integrated Circuits

Utility Mods

Better Storage
Storage Drawers
Blue Power
QMunity Lib
Bugfix Mod
NEI Integration
Nether Portal Fix
WAILA Harvestability
INpure Core
Tweaked Inventory Tweaks


Animal Bikes
Cyan Warrior Swords
More Swords
Pam's Bonecraft


Pam's Desertcraft
Plant Megapack
Garden Stuff


Carpenters Blocks
IChun Util
Mr Crayfish Furniture
Railcraft Cosmetic Additions
Light Bridges and Doors
Back Tools
Secret Rooms
Ancient Trees
Kore Sample
Passive Torch
Ye Gamol Chattels

Back in Slime


The Spice of Life
Iguana Tweaks
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