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Chaos Guardians despawn...


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15 hours ago, QuartzWitch said:

Last time I fought dragons they just flew far away and were hard to find.  Sometimes the battle has bugs where you have to leave and come back.  When I came back the dragons were there and I could fight them.

For me they despawn. I tried going circle around the area, I tried leaving and coming back to the place - nothing. Although, on that note, i wonder if its possible to increase the chunkloading area, that is caused by a player, in a specific dimension (in this case being The End).

16 hours ago, Henkekalmar said:

And there's no way to blacklist an entity ID from that clear?

Ya, it would be kind of a silly if you couldn't blacklist things from despawning.

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Probably you can use mod called "Mob properties" to slow down chaos dragon. (I will test config and upload it here if succeeded)

Or you probably can increase chunk loading distance in END. So dragon don`t fly so far it get in unloaded chunk (That is main problem with that damn dragon)

As far as i seen, dragon DON'T despawn, it`s just fly far away really fast, and get in unloaded chunk (i seen it fly away more then 10-15 chunks). Then his "health bar" disapear, and it`s hard to find him again. (player chunkload distance only 5 chunks)

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