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Tekkit Server dedicated host upgrade is complete!


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We just completed moving our Tekkit server to the new Dedicated server we rented. This was requested by some players as they said the server connection was laggy sometimes.


As we changed the data center and the dedicated server, we tried to get an upgrade, the new datacenter is located in Canada as we may have better infrastructure there, and we also upgraded the dedicated server with latest hardware with a powerful i7-6700K with 64GB DDR4 RAM memory. The DDOS protection was also improved! While the renting cost is bigger we also went to 64GB RAM so we can host more minecraft servers in the future.

Connection to the server:

Network connection: 1 Gbps
Bandwidth OVH to OVH: 1 Gbps
Outgoing bandwidth: 250 Mbps
Incoming bandwidth: 1 Gbps


Tomorrow we will have the second stage of moving data to the new dedicated server and we will finish moving all data that includes the Network US proxy and few minigames.

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