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Increase max size of towns


Should max town size be increased to be more like Tekkit to allow players to make big creative bases?  

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  1. 1. Should max town size be changed to 40? (Players still can make small towns and you request inactive towns to be deleted)

    • Yes I want to enable players to make a big town to show off their creativity! (And protect their surrounding land better)
    • No, I want players to be crammed inside the smaller towns.

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Hi, I been wanting to make a big base, but I can't because the town size is too small.  I want it to be on the max size of 40 chunks instead of 20.  Right now it is 20 chunks so there is no way to make a 10x10 town.  That is more than 6x smaller than in other servers like Tekkit, and there is much more stuff to jam in there.

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I hate to say it, but your poll is biased. By a lot. By displaying it the negatives of the choice you don't like, and by sharing only the positives of the choice you do like, you are biasing players to vote a in favor of the choice you want implemented. I suggest you edit the poll to have only a yes or no reply, with the question being "Increase initial town claim blocks from 20 to 40?"

Further comments should be about why you are in favor of one or another choice, and remember to keep it civil! No personal attacks, please.

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You know, you could always just add more people to your town. Each additional player adds ten more claim blocks. Furthermore, many of the donation perks add extra town claim blocks. If we made the initial town size larger, it would devalue the reason many donors donate, and also, incidentally, reduce donations.

If you don't want to donate, you could use the three towns you are able to live in, and claim them all next to each other, effectively tripling your available town space.

Minecraft is also structured in such a way that you can build up and down as well as side to side. I should think you would have plenty of room for things that way. 

Lets not also forget that DW20 and IE have a world size limit, and if we let towns have that much space to claim before adding anybody, we would run out of places to claim and have towns in much faster than the usual rate, thus requiring more frequent wipes.


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