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This is the first video that I did, so the recording and mic quality isn't the best. But all the content in there. Let me know what you guys think, I can make some more of these if there is interest in that.

Video Description:

This Mystcraft tutorial will get you from making your first world, to making oceans of any liquid you want and creating stable dense ore worlds!

Page Order:
Link Page
Biome/s (Ocean Biome, Jungle Biome etc)
Biome Controller (Single Biome, Tiled Biomes etc)
Block Modifiers (Stone Block, Blazing Pyrotheum Block etc)
Terrain Generation (Standard World, Cave World etc)
Structures (Villages, Tendrils etc)
Modifiers (Dense Ore, Scorched Surface etc)

For Ocean Worlds: Link Page, Ocean Biome, Single Biome, Block Modifier (Liquid you want the ocean to be), Standard/Flat World

Dense Ore Worlds: Link Page, Stone Block, Cave/Standard/Flat World, X Dense Ore, 10X Scorched Surface 

Always use a 10:1 Scorched Surface to Dense Ore ratio or greater!

Server:  tekkit.craftersland.net:25567

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