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[Custom Recipe] Basalt


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So Basalt (Item ID: 2692:3) is only from mining Volcanoes in the Overworld. 

I've mined about 3 Volcanoes so far for this unique stone. There's only so many left so I'm requesting a custom recipe if possible.

I got several options of how it could be made, at first I just thought of an easy recipe but thinking it does have a high blast resistance so maybe there should be a harder recipe as it is Expert Mode. 


Easy Recipe Crafting Table:

8 Stone (Item ID: 1) around a Basalz Rod (Item ID: 5141:1028) it would make 8 Basalt (Item ID: 2692:3)


Harder Recipe Crafting Table:

4 Stone (Item ID: 1) in a plus around a Basalz Rod (Item ID: 5141:1028) and 4 Crushed Obsidian (Item ID: 1313:4) in the corners to make 4 Basalt (Item ID: 2692:3) 


(I like this one personally.) 


I think these below would be additionally harder with the step of making it in some form of a Smelter.


Easier Recipe using an Induction Smelter:

Stone (Item ID: 1) + Basalz Dust (Item ID: 5141:515) = 1 Basalt (Item ID: 2692:3)


Harder Recipe using an Alloy Smelter:

Stone (Item ID: 1) + Crushed Obsidian (Item ID: 1313:4) + Basalz Dust (Item ID: 5141:515) = 1 Basalt (Item ID: 2692:3)


Also maybe something similar for Quarried Stone it's a limited resource as well and it's only purpose is for decoration. 

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Adding a crafting recipe would a be a neater soloution. Adding it to the spawn shop would serve the same purpose though, 

If it is to be added I would recommend the second suggested recipe. Infinity is on Expert mode and it should be difficult to get items, even if we add recipes to make it easier we shouldn't make it too easy.

Although, I think it should be Basalz powder instead of the rod, you can only get the rod by killing basalz am I wrong? @Manyouforgot

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The Basalz Rod is from Basalz drops, if you wanna make it into dust it just takes one rod, it crafts to 2 dust.

I like the second suggested recipe as well it takes a bit of processed material (Stone and Crushed Obsidian) and a Basalz Rod. 

So using the rod I think makes it more expensive. 

I rather have the recipe myself :D but adding it to the store as well could be helpful. But it's whatever you guys think is best. 


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Alright, I have two solutions.

I added a file that has the recipe



There is one small issue though, I can NOT have this crafting recipe result in the ProjectRed version of basalt. I even spoke to Minetweaker dev's about it (https://github.com/stanhebben/MineTweaker3/issues/423We could add this recipe and have a trade-o-mat at spawn converting this basalt into projectRed basalt to 1:1 conversion rate.

It's a messy solution to what was meant as the clean solution.


And then of course there's the shop option.


I would still prefer the recipe route, it's a bit messy with a trade-o-mat but this would also give the players access to both the IC2 basalt and project red basalt - even though they look very similar. ( You cannot change the IC2 basalt to projectred basalt in any other mean. Meaning chisel or Unifier, I tried it.)

Please add your opinion what you guys would prefer.



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No worries Brunyman.

One more thing, I mention above that we should have a trade-o-mat in spawn allowing hte player to change between the different kinds of basalt. It would have to be configured like this:


I would ask someone like Skilande or Quagma, but the Infinite stock(top right) seem to be linked to OP so they can't do it. 

Please add the trade-o-mat to spawn :-)

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