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Admin Rolled back/Took my link book and reactor


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When reporting a player, you are asked to follow the following format in order to make your report easier to read and comprehend.


Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Town tekkit main


In-Game Nickname : BigMan5208


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : An admin idk which


Description of the situation : So me and my sister (Livy12345) created a mystcraft world where there was seas of gelid cryotheum. The book was in a stand. Me and Livy are the only two members of the town and she didn't destroy it and neither did I. We also had a reactor filled with it. the reactor was there one day, the next it was gone. I am a little ticked off about it because we got that fair and square. 


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Livy12345

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I meant to reply to this but I guess I forgot to submit it.

Staff can not do a roll back, and only GM & GM+ have build access in town claims. But what you describe could be done with world edit by any player with world edit, currently not just staff have world edit access. It used to be only given to GM & GM+ but now Sponsors can request it and some do have it.
I highly doubt any staff member has done anything to your base.

If it was a rollback they're only done in 2 circumstances, #1 Brunyman got a request to roll back the area by a member of the town and he has rolled it back to the requested date and time to replace damage & items and it only affects the requester and the requested area. #2 The server crashed and deemed a rollback necessary to prevent a crash loop in which case it will not roll back very far at all but it does affect the entire server.

So I highly doubt it was a rollback unless you happened to make a few quarry holes that book and a reactor in a very short amount of time then crashed and come back to it all gone - in which case the items used would be back in the spot you took them from before you used them.

./town perm town set out none    -- Will prevent outsiders including sponsors with world edit from entering claimed land and wreaking havoc. I suggest you get livy12345 to do this (as you aren't a town assistant, or for that matter even a member of the town your simply a friend with build rights).

Anyways bruny will refund the reactor, myst worlds were already reset today that dimension is gone so that's at a loss but he can give you some cryotheum and a reactor I'm sure. Though really livy12345 should be the one to get it as she is mayor of the town and you are just a town friend.

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@brunyman please look at world edit logs for their base if you can, It really sounds and looks like this wasn't any roll back.
Roll backs aren't possible for staff or atleast not GM+ maybe PowerWarp and Skilande can but not normal staff, And automatic server rollbacks don't go back far enough to undo the amount that has been done here.

I highly suspect world edit, I entirely disagree with the idea of it being a roll back.

And I think Livy12345 should get the items if you chose to do a refund, bigman is not a member of livy's town or any town for that matter. So the items are livy's not his.

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