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[Henkekalmar] Worldedit bug, rollbacks?


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Hello @brunyman.

I'm having issues with worldedit, I was going to regen a couple of chunks - a random worldhole and a town that was removed. But it doesn't seem to work... I mean I can regen it but it rolls it back after a single world save. Am I exceeding some cap or something that forces a rollback or my worldediting? - If so,.. can I get the cap raised?

I've tried to regen these chunks four times now.

Edit: sort of worked now...? No clue, this is weird.

Edit2: No, this time it broke again. Although the old chunks I regened that first didn't rollback now didn't either

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Having experienced it as well, I can confirm that this is becoming a bit of an issue. Still don't know why.

Maybe it's lag, or maybe it's Maybelline. It's not natural normal, I know that.

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Any fix possible for this...? It's very tedious. Does all versions have this bug or is it the fact that it's modded? 

Perhaps can replace all in a chunk to vanilla blocks then regen if that's the case?

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Okay, I've done some further testing to help tackle this problem, and I think I've reached a better understanding of it. 
All rollbacks happen after a server-save. Or a restart

If I regen a chunk and move away from it it will 100% of the time rollback.

If I regen a chunk and stay close it will 100% not rollback.

If I make manual changes to a chunk, then regening it it will still rollback. Even the manual changes.

If I make changes after the regening it will still rollback.

If I make changes before and after a regen it will still rollback.

Tried removing all modded blocks from a chunk (setting the entire chunk to air) still rollbacks to the state of which I worldedited it to.


So to my understanding, because a player is not closeby and loading the chunk when a server save comes around the server doesn't detect a change on the chunk and reverts it to the previous savefile. Whilst normal worldediting other than regen does trigger something and even when moved far away - to not load the chunks - it will still save the worldediting that was made. Is it possible to add //regen as a sort of "trigger", I'm not sure how the program works I can only assume. Or can you possible force-save the single chunk that was //regen'ed after a regen? Or with some method adding a temporary chunk-loading on that chunk for say 15 minutes just for a save to roll by.

Why is this not an issue on any other server? very strange.



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