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Last millenium perm save?  

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  1. 1. Last millenium perm save?

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I would like to request that the dimension Last Millenium not be wiped at all, it is a public void dimension where players can build and it is an almost completely lag free place(since there is nothing there to begin with) i want to be able to have a base that is separated from the OverWorld, and this is the ideal place to build stuff.

the ID for the Last Millenium is -112

Thanks =]

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When i used to play on direwolf, i had 2 sections of my base of which 1 of them was in the last millennium. I placed all my fps-intensive machines there and it worked out quite well honestly. I had constant 50-60fps in my base without me even noticing the lag. I really want the last millennium to be a perm save too if possible, i'm sure it'll help people's fps's out alot who make complex-intensive machines on the overworld

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