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Community Server Go-Ahead


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Hello Crafter's,

I've made the forum for the community server, and added the package to Buy Craft to purchase membership. I think from now on we will move the discussion over there.

I have decided to go with RR3 (Resonant Rise 3) - I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out, we may not get very many players at all, but I think it would be nice to make a server with a few others for a change :P. We will start from scratch, which includes making the spawn, rules, shops etc. So getting a membership now would allow you to leave your mark! :P.

I also want to do some pass giveaways, but for now we will wait and see and try to get the server off it's feet first. If you have Ayn questions/suggestions put them down below!

Some of the main features / perks will be:

Less lag

More resources

No /gm 1

A server built and constantly developing by everyone involved.

A (hopefully) friendly atmosphere :P


I look forward to seeing you on the server! Here is where you can buy a pass:


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Uuuhm question... I wanted to buy the pass yesterday but I saw you can use Paymentwall. Will this be coming later?
Because I (like many others) don't have PayPal or credit card. This will probably lower the amount of people playing on it.

If Paymentwall won't be coming then i guess I'll make a PayPal account :P

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