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Back for the Summer


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Hello guys,

If yall dont know me im deboobski and I was Judge on Direwolf20 server. I am making this post because others have pushed me to make a post about becoming Judge again. The reason i am ex-staff is due to inactivity reasons. My life is quite busy with college and at times I am not able to play for a while. However there are times when I can be very very active, like summer, or winter vacation. I am asking to get my staff position back again because now i can play all summer. I realize that it can be sketchy to let someone be staff on and off due to inactivity, however i have been playing on this server for years. I also am a sponsor which i am proud to be. I feel that i am part of the great community here and i even "moderate" the servers without having a position because for some reason there is a sense of respect for me. 

Please respond to me asap to let me know what you think of this request! Of course i am on discord and available most of the time. 

Thank you for your time:)


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