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New Mod for Tekkit


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now I'm sure when I first looked at this server there was a list of banned mods/items and cant seem to find it again if there was one. but if we can some how get the Equivalent Exchange mod on the server that would be nice, if not how about we get a tekkit legends server


It is based around alchemy/magic and the mod adds in a number of extremely powerful end-game items. That require large quantities of diamond to make and large quantities of fuel items to power such as Glowstone or Redstone, to name but a few. It also grants the ability to easily condense materials into more valuable forms.




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We can't merely add mods that we please to a modpack. It's not how things work.

If the server decides to add this mod every single client would have to manually add this aswell. And that completely kills the purpose of actually having a official FTB or Technic modpack, as we get our playerbase from the hype of the modpack.

This suggestion is not possible, and Tekkit legends? I can't say much for that but we are advancing into 1.10 modpacks however they are quite difficult and our first goal is DW20 1.10, after that maybe Skyfactory... Infinity beyond... I'm sure Tekkit legends is somewhere down the list.

Making a new server like tekkit legends is not just as simple as copy 'n pasting and pressing " Start ".



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On 6/25/2017 at 5:38 PM, Nukelar said:

Yes. thats is exactly the reason, energy condensers are cheap to make and OP as hell

Am I OP?
Back to the topic, I don't think Legends is an interesting pack. Sure, it's light, but with new 1.10 packs coming strong, 1.6.4 Tekkit Main and several 1.7.10 packs with different themes, Legends is pretty much redundant at least. Also, as Henkekalmar said, adding mods to packs is not worth the effort. 

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