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Mod Aplications?


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49 minutes ago, cj321 said:

Hi i was just wondering if you know when the next applications are for being a moderator. thx  

Hello cj, just for clarification. There are no moderator applications. It's always helper applications and then you will have to climb the rank ladder from Helper -> Judge -> Moderator -> Admin -> GM -> GM+.

As Marvel said, staff applications are only opened when there is a need for staff. If I feel that there is in fact a need for more staff, I'll notify brunyman. As of right now, Me, Mafo and Lancelot keep an eye on the server and forums daily and I feel like both of them are doing a pretty good job in maintaining watch on the server when I'm busy (I ask certain normal players in skyfactory about other staff's activity hence I know about this). Give it a months time, If I feel like more staff are needed, I'll do what I said earlier

Also, for future skyfactory stuff can you make the topics here?: http://forum.craftersland.net/forum/16-skyfactory/


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