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Petition to investigate and possibly ban Draconic Pickaxes


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Lately the server's been dropping to about 3 Ticks per Second for short bursts of time.


From what most people are suggesting, this is largely a result of individuals mining with a draconic pickaxe at sizes 49x49 or above for as short as 30 seconds.


This activity, if actually this load-bearing on the server, is unacceptable as it makes the server unplayable. If the maximum radius cannot be reduced to something reasonable such as 10x10, I humbly request a ban on Draconic pickaxes.


Countless alternatives are available, including things like using quarries - which are typically considered to be a cheaper alternative as well.


This is just someone showing off, and it's making the server unplayable.

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seems a fix is more usefull for this to prevent the large area's to be done in 1 go

its a nice pick, and worth making, but an area that big is just  of no use to anyone, upgrade limit be better if thats at all possible ?


maybe @brunyman can take a look to limit the upgrade limits of this ?

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I support this even if it can't be confirmed as the source of lag as 49 by 49 is just crazy, a 10 by 10 limit is already really big, so I would agree on nerfing the pickaxe for sure.



Edit: just noticed how old this post is, and am unsure whether it is still a problem.

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  • Manager

It can be a source of lag for sure, glitch or not I've tested it before if one was to try they can easily drop the TPS.

It mines so many blocks and drops so many entities at once, but I don't think banning it is anything we wanna do either, and if we nerf it why even grind for it everyone would stick with TiCon Hammers. 


But if the glitch reoccurs again then that could be trouble down the road, which I guess we will have to cross when we get there as of now we don't know how to repeat the glitched AoE.




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