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[unban] Suchson


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[1] In-Game Username:


[2] Ban Category:

No response for annoying questions - gets ban, yeah.

[3] Ban Category:

hacks-PS (?)

[4] Ban Duration:

5 days

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

My reason? Why do I have to explain to every staff member, how I play? This is getting annoying, that staff comes to server once per month and everyone interrogates you over and over again. That's why I ingored those questions, and got banned with describe "hacks-PS" btw I don't know what's mean PS here.

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First not a few hours but 1hour (yup now 2), because I had to write that topic, and consult with the dictionary. My English is not perfect, but I wanted to preserve substantive consistency of what I am writing about...

Second... I have to bring more arguments? After kick through ban, I cannot provide nothing more, as proof, smart move I must admit.

You say that you did not ask me about anything, so on what basis do you claim that somehow I was hacking, eh?

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Haha, I like you. I'll unban you tonight because im not sure how the AFK fishing thing works. I banned because I thought you were using some sort of fishing hack and I still do. So, if you were using hacks, you should remove them because I will keep an eye on you, and next time will be wrose.

Dante, think twice before writing.


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