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Welcome to our base!


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This base was built by Craftyguy23 and me (ontario_99). We spent a lot of time on it and hope you guys like it as much as we do!

Because of rendering distance limitations, it is hard to show the size and scale of these buildings in screenshots. This is why I encourage you all to come take a look in-game by doing /town spawn VineGaming2.0 or going to
X: 4941, Z: 610, Y: 10.

This base has multiple buildings and creations so I will show them one by one, starting off with the main base building:


Leaving the main base behind, you go outside and follow the paths to the PVP arena and Factory (WIP)


Of course, a base would not be complete without magic mods! So we built another building named ''The Venus''.


After we built these buildings and systems, things got boring really fast and we needed a new challenge. This is when Kvittaz and Cajun_Turk joined our town. Cajun and Crafty set their goals to PVP domination by doing Witchery and BloodMagic. Since I wasn't really interested in PVP, Kvittaz and I decided to do some fun building projects. This is when we started re-creating places/buildings from our favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings. We built our own version of Barad-Dûr and Erebor. These are both still work in progress, but due to the new 1.10 server I fear they might never be finished :P


I hope you like it, any comments or tips are appreciated!


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On 2.9.2018 at 03:24, SomeRandomPetey said:

The 2nd and 3rd picture in the 1st link looks oddly familiar... Ive seen it before in an old youtube video from a couple years ago I believe, but I don't remember where...

Yeah it's 1/1 the same. He even mentions it getting the design from Reddit in those video. It's nearly 1/1 copied, lol.

If I wouldn't be to lazy or would care enough I would even check if the others are original but oh well ?

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