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Suggestion-inf evolved skyblock


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Since the infinity evolved modpacks got an update because the colaboration of the ftb team and aaronhowser1 quaests were added in the main modpack so I think a ftb infinity evolved skyblock server would be great and challanging but at the same time easy for new players who didn't play the modpack because the quest book and the guide from the inventory screen guides u from the basics all the way up to end game. I know that Brunyman is working on other servers like dw20 1.10 and more but I think it would be easier to make a skyblock inf evolved server since he already has the settings for the inf evolved server and the skyfactory 2.5 server.

I know how servers work (I had one) but I think most of the settings and plugins would be the same.

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I'm looking forward to skyfactory 3 honestly but I think we should do a community poll + announcement for this and see what the community thinks about it. I'll write down a short little pros and cons of each modpack

Skyfactory 3
        -Easy recipies and progression in new mods for players
        -Massive popularity due to certain youtubers. This will bring in a massive influx of players and donators too compared to IE:S
        -Attracts players who are new to modpacks but don't want to try any expert level ones
        -1.10 MC version, Many popular youtubers have moved onto 1.10 modpacks and their fans look for 1.10 servers to join too. 
        -Potentially destroying the economy by selling end-game stuff for cheap (Can be avoided by some rule additions)
        -Players reach end-game too quickly, some of them get bored, leave the server and try out new modpack servers
        -No proper HQM, there is a book of achievements I think but you don't get any rewards from completing the achievements

Infinity Evolved Skyblock
        -Long-lasing progression. Harder recipes take more time and the grinding emphasizes automation in the modpack.
        -Some Youtubers with a very mature and knowledgeable fan-base who play this modpack will join the server (Better applications for staff perhaps?)
        -Quests, Everybody loves quests in a modpack and seeing the HQM mod in a modpack promotes the modpack's popularity by quite a bit
        -Good Economy, People realise how expensive some items are and place the price of the item at a fair margin.

        -1.7.10 MC version. Sooner or later mod development for 1.7 will shut down (Some major mods have already done this) and people would much rather try out a new 1.10 modpack than an old 1.7 modpack.
        -TPS issues. Some crucial multi-block structures + machine setups from unstable mods for servers are needed for progression. This would cause TPS to start dropping and cause an unplayable experience for most people. The anti-lag plugin might help a bit but it may end up like the current situation of our IE server
        -Lack of popularity. Some youtubers have tried to play this modpack but people seem to download the SF3 modpack much more than IE:S modpack. Take a look at download numbers as proof.

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