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More maps on CTW


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Hello Goodnight @brunyman 
I do not know how you take this, I hope it's a good way  
I think if people buy ranges, I should also pay more attention to the other modalities
In particular CTW which is a very recognized modality of the server
I would dare recommend that you increase new maps to play the server is great but CTW also needs attention

I come to recommend a new map for you to take into consideration and perhaps put it into play

I think not only for me would be more fun the increase of new maps, but for all the players

This is only a recommendation

the maps is this :)
Donwload : http://www.mediafire.com/file/aibku7w5pgux6gz/CTW+(By_Pirincho_PvP)+EndWool.rar

(Please correct me if I make a mistake in the text)

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This is not my area of expertise... buuut...


I think it's more so that we want our own maps rather than "taking someone elses".

And if we do we'd probably have to- or want to- ask them for permissions. It's good to stay unique though, so you don't see the same maps on every CTW server you're on, hence why we have an architect.

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Obviously we'd rather have our own custom maps than use someone else's work, even if we had permission to. However with a community builder this inactive, we might have to resort to downloaded maps eventually. 

And it's about giving the people some new content, so I suppose downloaded maps are better than no new maps. At least keep it interesting till we can get back on our feet. 

As for permission from the map creator, there's a reason those people post their stuff on PMC and other sites, including that others can download it and use it (?). Now I'm no expert at this, but we should be fine as long as we don't remove any of the credit signs that can be found on the map itself, or give the creator credit in any other way.

Player creations are also a great idea. For example this one:


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