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Fly PVP and creative abuse


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We've just had 2 players, both with creative access PVPing whilst flying, and invisible, both using creative spawned weapons. 

Players names: Recommendations and Nukelar

The best picture i could get was just of a sword, while attacking me, Mid air, then after death to prove who it was.

The Third and fourth images are of their inventories to show the creative spawned items used to kill players unfairly.

First is of Recommendations inventory and the fourth is of Nukelar.




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I had never spawned these in, these were in a save on my NEI for months on end. They were made by a player who does not play anymore his IGN was 'rurede94'. We were good friends for a while before he made me this too. Me and Nuke were both using specially made sets of power amour made for us, we also were not in creative. We were invisible from our power armour and were using our Jetpack attachments, by any means I would not use the privileges that I get as a sponsor (The same goes for Nukelar). The reasons that the bows were Creative Tagged, is that Nuke made the weapons then accidently moved them in his inventory whilst in creative building a base. Neither of us were in creative, as you were hitting us prior to me killing you with my sword, that Nuke made for me, just one thing to add, me and nuke did not shoot either of the people we killed in this incident. I don't want to continue with this 'Drama' as I don't feel that it needs more backing up, we were not using ./fly. You can fly with power armour attachments, also you should know this you had a maxed out power armour set.



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The reason i attacked is because i was hit by an invisible adverser whilst investigating the liquid redstone mess outside a friends base, i'm not bothered about items lost, it's just items, i just didn't, and don't agree with players using creative items to kill those without creative.

Furthermore, i was using /fly, and i understand that a power armour jetpack ascends a lot faster than /fly but you kept at the exact same speed i did whilst pursuing me to the skies.


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