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[Question Of Prefix]


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Hello, I was in the forum that a user (Ex GM + Isma) wants to transfer their prefixes, in a single prefix and put it of all the colors of their previous tags, that can be done ?? 


Moderators Yusixs : 

New name: _SweetDreams_
Prefix:  &7[&dR&7]&7[&bSweet&eDark&7] &a
Reason: He bought multiple tags on these names in the past ( Ismael18L    _ItsCloud_   DL_iiTzCloud ) and wants to combine all the colors into one prefix 

You can use this list of names to check for payments :P.

@Yusixs @KayWolves

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Is this a request or just a question?

I think it could be possible, but... if I'm not wrong, each color has a price so mixing them all could be expensive, I'm not really sure about that...

BTW, how many times you were warned about tagging staff members? Just stop doing it, it's unnecesary.

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You should be able to buy a reasonable amount of prefixes (up to 3?) and ask bruny to put them all together for your account. I guess same goes for prefixes you already own. Generally, you should be able to do whatever you want with your cosmetics so long as you don't go over the amount of money you've paid. (by adding extra colors, etc.)

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On the store, it's €5 for a single color prefix plus an additional €1-4 if you go for the more expensive colors. Considering a 2-color prefix is €10, 3 colors would be €15. That's how much 3 single color prefixes cost anyway, so you got that covered already. Then there's the more expensive colors, which you've already paid the extra money for.

Long story short, money wise it seems to be alright. With the 2-color prefixes you are asked to pick a color for the prefix and a color for your name. Not sure how you plan on utilizing 3 different colors. Or you could turn two of those prefixes into a 2-color one and keep the one that's left separate. Entirely up to you.

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