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Hello, my name is EnterZoneKonjo as you can tell but recently I bought Sponsor+. And I recently got into Steve's Carts 2. Whenever I pulled out a Creative Hull, and made a minecart out of it, it got stuck in my inventory and crashes every time I open Tekkit. I really hope this problem can be resolved sometime soon. Thank you.

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He would only wipe your inventory, so your rank and everything you remain the same- Do you know if you had alot of items on you? because then you could perhaps also write down the time when this happened and he might be able to rollback your inventory to that time.


You should also know that Brunyman- the owner- attends these forum posts during maintenance, which are mondays and fridays. Sorry for the long wait- Wish I could help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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