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Private channel for our Town


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Dear staff,

I would like to ask of you to make a private channel for my town. My town currently holds 18 players and communication is sometimes a little bit difficult to chat in local or global chat.

Just like with clan chats, it is easier to talk to your clanmates in a private chat channel.


Dear regards,


Town: Flames

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As Voodoo said, simply just make a clan for your town members that way you have a form of communication wherever anyone is. It will make things much easier and wont clutter chats or have the problem with radius of local chat.

The current version of MyTown does not support private chats for town members if I remember correctly, I think MyTown 2 supports private clan chats, but Tekkit cant be updated to that as it is for 1.7.10 versions and above.

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@FireDemonite Swimsam1:Well If you get a one I want one!

                      Jackseno41: Ya if he gets One then i should get one!

                      RandomNukes: Well if your giving them out i want one!

                      belgaufo: Ya me too!

                      Brunyman: YA.... wait what?

not actual responces im making a point.

See whats going on here. No staff member will make a exception for you because then everyone will want that. My town has 14 people a private channel would be nice. BUT not fair

Make A Discord like everyone else Its what my town does and communication is very easy

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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