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New post about QCraft Block because no one helped me with the last one ;(


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I decided to make a new post about the QCraft Quantum entangled block. No one helped me with my last post in the Server Problems forum.

The problem is that a Quantum Entangled block is connected with red alloy wire and when it receives a redstone signal, it may have crashed the server in some shape or form and the block becomes passable. It could be some other issue but i think that receiving a redstone signal caused the server to crash because of the block which is connected with other blocks because of entanglement. Just remove the block and i will be very pleased.

Base coordinates XYZ: 304, 64, -4068

Thank You! :D

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You only posted it yesterday, people aren't able to answer your posts straight away, please just be patient and a member of staff from the tekkit server will assist you when they're able :)

Are you sure that the blocks are crashing the server, and not just your client?

whenever i used to use QCraft blocks, i placed a lever on the portal to switch it on and off, maybe this is something to look at as an alternative, that orr if you want it to be remotely activted, you could always use a piston circuit, pushing redstone block next to the portal to activate it?  If the red alloy wire is indeed the issue, this would eliminate that factor.


As for this request you'll need to make a town Rollback request.

Follow this template, make a new thread or edit this one.  and most importantly. be patient! 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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